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Payment Card Support Service

Payment Card Support Service is working 24/7. By applying to the service you can:

  1. Get information on balance under payment card (fee – KZT 50);
  2. Block payment card in case of loss/theft;
  3. Block payment card in case of entering erroneous PIN-code (fee - KZT 200);
  4. Get information on last three transactions (card transactions);
  5. Find out reason for problems in payment card service ;
  6. Find out number of personal manager or Bank’s branch ;
  7. Get information on current authorization limit under the payment card and ways to amend them;
  8. Find out address of the nearest ATM or branch.
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Payment Card Support Service
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On entering into related party transactions
Hereby BTA Bank JSC notifies that on April 21, 2014, the Board of Directors of BTA Bank JSC took resolution to enter into related party transactions
On state registration by the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan of amendments and supplements into BTA Bank JSC share issue prospectus
JSC "BTA Bank" (hereinafter referred to as Bank) hereby notifies about state registration by National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the amendments made in the Bank shares release leaflet and connected with a change of the Emitent's bodies membership
Information on change in the list of the organizations in which BTA Bank JSC holds ten and more percent of shares (of each such organization)
Неreby BTA Bank JSC (further – Bank) notifies on withdrawal from the capital of BTA Bank JSC, the Republic of Georgia
On entering into a related party transaction
Herewith BTA Bank JSC kindly notifies that on October 2, 2014, the Board of Directors of BTA Bank JSC took resolution on entering into related party transaction being the Agreement on compulsory accident insurance of employees at discharge of their functions
Replenish your account and get presents from Tele2
We are happy to announce launching of a new joint promo event by Tele2 and BTA “+10% for replenishment” under which the subscribers will get intra-network 10% bonus of the amount of mobile payment.
The license #242 issued by the Agency for the control and supervision of the financial market and financial organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan