at the rate of
= tenge
Payment Card Support Service

Payment Card Support Service is working 24/7. By applying to the service you can:

  1. Get information on balance under payment card (fee – KZT 50);
  2. Block payment card in case of loss/theft;
  3. Block payment card in case of entering erroneous PIN-code (fee - KZT 200);
  4. Get information on last three transactions (card transactions);
  5. Find out reason for problems in payment card service ;
  6. Find out number of personal manager or Bank’s branch ;
  7. Get information on current authorization limit under the payment card and ways to amend them;
  8. Find out address of the nearest ATM or branch.


BTA Bank’s statement on the 6th consecutive rejection of Mukhtar Ablyazov bail request
BTA Bank was pleased to note the decision of the French court to reject again former Bank Chairman Mukhtar Ablyazov’s application to be released on bail while awaiting the outcome of extradition proceedings.
On the conclusion of interested party transaction
Hereby "BTA Bank" JSC informs creditors, shareholders and public on the acceptance decision by the Board of Directors on 14.09.2016, regarding the conclusion of interested party transaction
On accession of "BTA Bank" CJSC (Armenia) to "Armeconombank" OJSC and the sale of shares to "Armeconombank" OJSC.
Hereby "BTA Bank" JSC informs the creditors, shareholders and the public about the accession of the subsidiary bank of "BTA Bank" JSC (Kazakhstan) - "BTA Bank" CJSC (Armenia) to "Armeconombank" OJSC (Armenia) on August 24, 2016.
Informs about the conclusion of a transaction, in which there is an interest
Hereby "BTA Bank" JSC informs you about the conclusion of the transaction, in which there is an interest:
Statement of BTA Bank on Asset Recovery Results for the first half of 2016
BTA Bank JSC (hereinafter - the Bank) reports the following:
Certificate of State Re-registration of Legal Entity, issued by the RK Ministry of Justice on 24 January, 2008