Salary projects

Salary projects

Attention: all holders of new cards issued in СTL system!

Now your salary cards embrace a deposit function! This means that an interest accrues on your salary and now you receive not merely cash but the interest as well! If you have an old-type salary card, you can approach any BTA office and replace it with a new chip card with a deposit function!

Salary cards from BTA!

Salary card from BTA is the easiest, most convenient and advantageous method to receive and manage your cash!

Salary card from BTA is easy to get!

  • Minimum package of documents
  • Prompt card issue

Salary card from BTA is handy!

  • Round-the-clock access to cash via ATMs
  • Safety of money on account
  • BTA smart card can be used worldwide
  • Minibank in your mobile phone
  • 24/7 Internet banking

Salary card from BTA is advantageous!

  • All salary cards embrace a deposit function! Now you receive not merely a salary but it accrues interests!
  • Favorable terms for other BTA products!
  • You can participate in unparalleled prize drawings of BTA Bank!

Contact information

If you are interested in a salary project from our bank (Almaty city) please feel free to contact:

+7 (727) 312-48-39, 312-48-33, 312-24-25, 312-48-38, 312-28-26

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