BTA Group

Within the “BTA Bank” JSC Group Structure there are included the subsidiaries and related banks and organizations that provide a wide range of banking services in Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyz Republic, the Ukraine, the insurance related services in the Ukraine, leasing services in Kazakhstan, and a Company managing stressed assets, also in Kazakhstan.

For the purposes of improvement of business processes and increasing the efficiency of adopted decisions, “BTA Bank” JSC manages the group on strategic level which ensures the attainment of objectives according to the corporate group development strategy.

Subsidiaries and Related Banks and Organizations

  • “BTA BANK” PJSC (Ukraine)
    Address: 75 Zhilyanskaya Street, city of Kiev, Ukraine
    Web-site: www.bta.kiev.ua
  • “BTA Bank” CJSC (Belarus)
    Address: 20 V. Khoruzhei Street, city of Minsk, Republic of Belarus
    Web-site: www.btabank.by
  • "BTA Bank" CJSC (Kyrgyzstan)
    Address: 118 Moscow Street, city fo Byshkek, Republic of Kyrgyzstan
    Web-site: www.btabank.kg
  • "Leasing IC" JSC
    Address: RFTSA BC, 136 Dostyk Street, 8th Floor, city of Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
    Web-site: www.leasing.kz
  • JSC National Joint-Stock Insurance Company "Oranta"
    Address: 7D Zdolbunovskaya Street, city of Kiev, Ukraine
    Web-site: www.oranta.ua
  • "KAZKOM Realty" LLP
    Address: 135zh Gagarin Street, city of Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

    International Representative Office in China

    Head of the Representative Office – Anatoliy Chzhan

    Office 04, 17 F
    Shanghai Communication and Trade Building
    55 Ji Long Road
    Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone
    Tel.: +86 (21) 587 716 35, 587 728 35
    Fax.: +86 (21) 587 738 20
    E-mail: Chzhan@bta.kz

Certificate of State Re-registration of Legal Entity, issued by the RK Ministry of Justice on 24 January, 2008