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BTA Bank’s Restructuring Proceedings Gain The Protection Of The British Courts
JSC BTA Bank (the “Bank”) is delighted to announce that the restructuring proceedings that have been commenced in respect of the Bank before the Specialised Financial Court in Almaty have been recognised in Great Britain as a foreign main proceeding.

Financial Restructuring Principal Commercial Terms Sheet Signed By The Creditors’ Steering Committee And JSC BTA Bank
JSC BTA Bank (the “Bank”) is pleased to announce that it signed a principal commercial terms sheet on 7 December 2009 with its Creditors’ Steering Committee setting out the principal commercial terms of its proposed financial restructuring (the “Restructuring”).

JSC BTA Bank Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the Creditors’ Steering Committee to restructure BTA Bank’s Financial Indebtedness
JSC BTA Bank (“BTA”) announced today that it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with the Creditors’ Steering Committee (the “Steering Committee”) to restructure BTA’s financial indebtedness (the “Restructuring”).

JSC BTA Bank appoints Steering Committee, signs an Outline of Restructuring Principles
Appointment of Steering Committee

JSC BTA Bank announces a meeting with certain creditors to establish a Creditors Steering Committee. JSC BTA Bank also announces the suspension of interest payments
JSC BTA Bank (“BTA”) is pleased to announce that on 23 July 2009 a meeting was held in London between BTA’s advisers and certain of its syndicated and bilateral creditors, Eurobond holders and trade finance creditors which may lead to the formation of a Creditors Steering Committee.

Release of 2008 year end financial statements and update on BTA Bank Restructuring Process
BTA Bank JSC (“BTA”) today released its financial statements in accordance with IFRS for the year ending 31 December 2008, as audited by Ernst & Young LLP.

Update on BTA Bank restructuring process
BTA Bank JSC (“BTA”) is pleased to announce that Lazard Frères has been appointed as one of its financial advisers to work alongside UBS Investment Bank in the implementation of BTA’s debt restructuring process

BTA Bank statement
Contrary to recent press reports in Kazakhstan, BTA Bank confirms that it has made no principal payments on its current debts since 20 April 2009, when certain banks attempted to accelerate payment.

Investor Conference Call on 4 June 2009 at 1 p.m. (GMT)
Call Transcript

Update: BTA’s investors and creditors call on 4 June
BTA Bank informs that the conference call on its 2008 preliminary financial results will be held on Thursday, 4 June 2009.

Creditor Registration
BTA has previously stated that, in order to avoid preferential treatment of creditors, it will cease all principal payments – both scheduled and accelerated from Monday 20th April 2009 until it agrees and implement, working together with all creditors, investors and stakeholders, a reasonable, transparent and efficient programme for managing BTA's current debt position.

Further to the investor call held on April 28, 2009, we attach to this press release the script of BTA Chairman Anvar Saidenov’s opening remarks as well as a transcript of the question and answer session held during the call.

Investor Call Transcript. Investor Call with Mr Saidenov
Mr Saidenov: Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Anvar Saidenov, the Chairman of BTA Bank. Welcome and thank you for joining me today on this conference call. The purpose of this call today is to update you on the recent developments at BTA.

BTA Bank imposes standstill on principal payments pending negotiation of debt management programme.
JSC BTA Bank has received notices from several creditors accelerating by reason of default the indebtedness owed to those creditors.

BTA trade finance deals recognized among the best of 2008
As many as two different trade finance deals by BTA Bank have each been named a “Best Deals of 2008” and “Deal of the Year 2008” by leading industry publications Trade Finance and Global Trade Review claiming between them 4 awards out of the year’s worldwide total of 98.

Interview of Anvar Saidenov
Commenting this week on how much funds had been drawn under another programme by the government – the one for refinancing small and medium-sized businesses – an area where some banks aren’t quite up to speed.

BTA Bank JSC ("BTA") is pleased to announce that UBS Investment Bank has been appointed as a financial adviser to BTA alongside Goldman Sachs International.
BTA is one of Kazakhstan's largest banks and is majority-owned by the Samruk- Kazyna Fund. BTA continues to be well positioned within the Kazakh banking sector and is an active participant in the Kazakh economy

BTA Bank carrying out its obligations from depositors and creditors and other clients
Samruk-Kazyna as a main shareholder of BTA Bank continues to be supportive of the operations of the BTA Group whilst the bank and its independent advisors and financial and legal advisers, Goldman Sachs and White & Case LLP, review the current position of the BTA Group in order to assist BTA Bank in formulating a plan for the BTA Group going forward.

BTA Bank JSC kindly notifies on holding extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of BTA Bank JSC on March 6, 2009
Resolutions adopted during the meeting

JSC BTA Bank and JSC NH KazAgro have signed a memorandum stating their joint intention to provide support to the farming sector as part of the government’s programme of economic and financial stabilisation in 2009-2010.

BTA Bank JSC ("BTA") is pleased to announce that it has appointed Goldman Sachs International as its financial adviser
BTA is one of Kazakhstan's largest banks and is majority-owned by the Samruk- Kazyna Fund. BTA continues to be well positioned within the Kazakh banking sector and is an active participant in the Kazakh economy.

BTA Appoints New Board of Directors
The extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of JSC BTA Bank held today voted to appoint a new board of directors.

BTA released funds of US$79 million as a result of MRRs lowering
The National Bank of Kazakhstan has reduced its minimum reserve requirements (MRRs) for the nation’s second-tier or commercial banks reported.

BTA received 22 bln. tenge from state Damu fund for preferential-rate SME lending
The money destined to be lent to the nation’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) at no more than 12.5% a year has now been made available to сommercial banks in full, according to a press release circulated by the Damu Fund (a part of the Samruk-Kazyna National Welfare Fund) today.

President rubbishes revocation reports
Reports that BTA, Kazakhstan’s largest bank, could have its banking licence revoked were wrong, said the President at a special meeting in Aq Orda yesterday that had the implementation of the government’s anti-crisis programme on the agenda.

BTA Bank: Domestic refocusing is on the agenda in the medium term
In the medium term, Kazakhstan’s BTA Bank will be refocused on domestic operations, according to the financial institution’s Chairman of the Board of Directors Arman Dunayev.

Anvar Saidenov appointed BTA Chairman of the Management Board
The meeting of the Board of Directors of JSC BTA Bank held today voted to appoint former Governor of the National Bank Anvar Saidenov Chairman of BTA Management Board. The appointment was made in compliance with Kazakhstan’s Banking Act.

State Funds Samruk-Kazyna, Damu and 12 commercial banks agree to cooperate to reanimate Real Estate market and support SMEs
The Samruk-Kazyna National Welfare Fund, the Damu Business Development Fund and 12 Kazakh commercial banks signed an agreement on cooperation aimed at resuscitating Kazakhstan’s troubled real estate market and providing support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The signing took place in Almaty today.

BTA Bank retires US$250 million eurobond issue
With JP Morgan and Credit Suisse mandated as lead arrangers, the Eurobonds were issued in January 2007 as part of the Global Medium Term Notes programme and carried a coupon of 3М LIBOR+137.5 basis points.