Financial Center


The financial center was founded by government decree on the 1st of June 2005 by reorganization of the state enter-prise named The Financial Center of the Ministry of Education and Science into the Financial Center JSC.

The main task of this organization is to make higher education available to all citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The basic function of Financial Сenter is to act as a guarantor for education loans. This system is designed for those students who do not have a scholarship and have to pay for their education. The loans are given by commercial banks. BTA is one of the most active participants of this program, along with Halyk Bank and Alliance Bank.

The loans are given by tranches, each tranche accounts for the cost of studying per semester. The guarantee de-pends on the academic performance of the student.

The loans are given in the following way:

  1. the Borrower submits a set of documents to the Bank;
  2. the Bank sends the application for an education loan to the Financial Center;
  3. the Financial Center considers the application and gives a guarantee to the Bank;
  4. the Bank gives a loan to the Borrower.

Additional pledge in the form of real estate may be required, depending on the scope of the Guarantee.

The scope of the Guarantee depends on the student's academic performance. The following information is taken into consideration:

  • for students: a transcript or average grades certificate for the latest semester;
  • for school-leavers: the UNT certificate or a school-leaving certificate.

Additional pledge in the form of real estate is also required in case of an indirect income confirmation by the Bor-rower / Co-borrower.

Certificate of State Re-registration of Legal Entity, issued by the RK Ministry of Justice on 24 January, 2008