Information for school-leavers

The documents necessary for consideration of the application**:

  • original certificate of identity of the Borrower / Co-borrower***;
  • original taxpayer registration number of the Borrower / Co-borrower;
  • original social individual code of the Borrower / Co-borrower;
  • house register or a statement from the address bureau;
  • the UNT certificate;
  • an invoice from the university with indication of the total cost of studying.

** The Bank has the right to require additional documents if necessary
*** If the student (the Borrower) has no stable income a Co-borrower is required

The steps you need to take in order to obtain a credit:

  1. Come to any branch of BTA located across Kazakhstan;
  2. Submit all necessary documents (concerning both the Borrower and Co-borrower***):
    • original certificate of identity (for a copy);
    • original taxpayer registration number (for a copy);
    • house register or a statement from the address bureau;
    • UNT certificate;
    • an invoice with indication of the cost of studying per semester;
    • if the Borrower is under 18, parental consent to the conclusion of the loan agreement and fulfillment of the insurance procedure is obligatory;
    • in case with additional pledge, the documents confirming the ownership rights for the object of a pledge, as well as a notarized consent of the spouse to make the property an object of pledge and the fact that it can be sold extrajudicially, or a notarized application of the Borrower / Co-borrower stating that he or she was not married at the moment when the property was purchased and made an object of pledge are required;
  3. Write an application and fill in the form;
  4. Conclude a General Loan Agreement and a Bank Loan Agreement;
  5. After that the Bank will transfer the sum of the loan directly to the university or college to which the Borrower was admitted.

*** If the Borrower is not able to confirm his income, a Co-borrower is required

The procedure of obtaining loans for the subsequent semesters will require less documents and time.

In this case, the set of documents includes only a certificate of identity, a transcript or average grades certificate from the university or college and an invoice with indication of the cost of studying.

Certificate of State Re-registration of Legal Entity, issued by the RK Ministry of Justice on 24 January, 2008