Payments of Population

Benefits of Paying Bills in BTA:

  • You can pay your bills on-line for some services with crediting that is effected within several minutes.
  • A wide range of services you can pay for.

Settlement centers of BTA Bank accept the following payments from the population:

  • Utility payments:
    accommodation rent, payment for electric power, heat supply, water supply, housing maintenance, sewer by account-notices of a standard form by service provider..
  • Tax payments:
    compulsory payments by tax payer to the budget – all types of taxes, fines, etc. by PD-FL, PD-4MB receipts of a standard form.
  • Customs payments:
    payment for customs services to the budget by receipts of a standard form.
  • Payments for telehpone and mobile services :
    payment for mobile and telephone services of the following operators: K-Cell, BeeLine, Dalacom, Kazakhtelekom, Almatytelekom, Pathword, EXORD, NEO.
  • Education payments:
    payment for education to “ESHKO” LLP, University of International Business, Balkhash humanitarian and technical university, Karagandy Economic University, Karagandy University named after Buketov, Kazakh pharmaceutical University, Zhezkazgan University, Kazakh-Russia University CHUO, Eurasia Institute, Lucky Compass LLP.
  • Loan repayments:
    due payments to “BTA Ipoteka”, Kazakh Fund for lending, Microcredit organization “Astana-finance”, Mortgage entity “Astana Finance”, MKO KazMicroFinance LLP, Kazakhstan Fund of Mortgage Loan Guarantee JSC, “TAT Credit” LLP, etc.
  • Insurance payments:
    due payments to “BTA Insurance” JSC, “BTA Zhizn” JSC, “BTA Zabota” IC, State Annuity Company GASK under insurance agreements, “IC “Nomad Insurance” JSC.
  • Cable TV services:
    payment for services of Alma TV, Aina TV, Digital TV, Sekatel, Icon.
  • Telecommunication services:
    payments for Nursat, Ducat, Netel Communication services.
  • Social and pension payments:
    obligatory and voluntary payments to any Pension Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan through State Centre of pension payments.
  • Other services:
    payment for ASIBO alarm service, assessment services of Agento-S, Amulet, “Motornoye Buro” LLP, “ Assessment Legal Group” LLC, “Avon Cosmetics” LLC (Kazakhstan) limited, Consulate General of Kyrgyz Republic in Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, etc.

The Bank receives payments from the population as per Bank’s tariffs and an agreement with countrywide and regional providers of services.

Certificate of State Re-registration of Legal Entity, issued by the RK Ministry of Justice on 24 January, 2008