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Almaty: Press Release: Changes in the Composition of the Management Board

21.01.2005 / Press-service

PRESS-RELEASE 04/12. January 21, 2005

Changes in the Compositionof the Management Board

The Meeting of the Board of Directors of Bank TuranAlem was held on January 21, 2005, whereby the following decisions were made:1.To appoint Saduakas MAMESHTEGI the Chairman of the Management Board of Bank TuranAlem;2.To appoint Yerkin TATISHEV the First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Bank TuranAlem.


Saduakas Mameshtegi (35), graduated from Moscow State Technical University in 1993. Since 1994, worked for a number of commercial banks in Moscow. Joined the Bank TuranAlem in 1997. Became a Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Bank TuranAlem in 1999 and has been Acting Chairman of the Manage-ment Board since December 19, 2004.

Yerkin Tatishev (29), graduated from Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics in 1997. Has the law degree from Kazakh State Academy of Law (1992). In 1998 becomes the President of JSC "Kostanay Minerals". From 2002 to 2004, was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "Kostanay Minerals" and JSC "Orenburg Minerals".

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