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Almaty: Appointment of the new Chairman of the Board of Directors

20.05.2005 / Anvar Khaltayev, Vice President, Financial Institutions

Hereby, Bank TuranAlem would like to inform you that the Board of Directors’ meeting held this May 20, 2005, unanimously adopted the following decisions related to the changes to the current structure of the Board of Directors of BTA:

  1. To accept resignation of Mr Serik Ualiyev, the former Chairman of the Board of Directors of BTA
  2. To approve the appointment of Mr Mukhtar Ablyazov to the position of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of BTA.

The BoD meeting was held in compliance with all standard procedures and provisions, including those of the Charter of BTA, and in the presence of all BoD members.

Mr Ualiev commented his decision to resign as follows: "The shareholders were preparing this decision for quite a long time; naturally, it was agreed with me and I fully accept and support it. Mr Abliyazov is a very experienced top-manager well-known in Kazakhstan and the CIS. I am sure that decision to appoint him to the position of the Chairman of the Board of Directors will give BTA a new momentum in implementing its successful strategy in the future. I accepted this decision and resign with full satisfaction. From now on, I will be able to focus more on my own businesses".

Mr Abliyazov made a following statement to the press: "Shareholders strongly believe that the Bank’s strategy, positive results achieved during the previous years and Bank’s strong performance and profitability are the proof of the high professionalism of BTA management and employees. BTA maintains a strong leadership in the CIS financial markets. And the key factor to the current success of BTA, first of all, is invaluable contribution of late Erzhan Tatishev, who left us due to his tragic death. His leadership and professionalism allowed BTA to become what it is now."

"I will actively participate in the strategic planning processes of BTA group. Within our development strategy till 2015 we have a lot to do and to achieve," - he added.

Biography of Mr Abliyazov

Mukhtar Abliyzov was born on May 16, 1963 in Galkino village of Tolebi region, Southern Kazakhstan. He graduated from Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute (MEPHI).

Career development of Mr Ablyazov:
1991-1996 – President of Astana-Holding JSC
1996-1997 – President of KEGOC (Kazakhstan Electricity Greed Operating Company)
1998-1999 – Minister of Industry, Economy and Trade
till present – President of Eurasia Group


Bank TuranAlem is a leading commercial bank in Kazakhstan, establishing its banking network throughout the CIS. Currently BTA’s assets exceed U.S. $5.0bn, total equity exceeds U.S. $600mm. The world’s largest development institutions (IFC, EBRD, FMO and RZB) are the shareholders of BTA. Bank TuranAlem strongly maintains a leading position among the commercial banks in Kazakhstan, with significant dominance in trade finance, SME and corporate finance and mortgage lending. Development strategy of BTA is focused on geographic diversification within the CIS and the broadening the scope of banking products, as well as stable dynamic growth.

Contact Person:
Anvar Khaltayev, Vice President, Financial Institutions,
tel.: +7 (3272) 505 135,
fax: +7 (3272) 505 169,
e-mail: khaltaev@bta.kz