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‘Nauryz Bank Kazakhstan’ JSC’s depositors received more than 70% of the guaranteed refund on their deposits


Almaty – For January 5, 2006 ‘TuranAlem Bank’ JSC returned 70.6% of the guaranteed refunds to ‘Nauryz Bank Kazakhstan’ JSC’s depositors.

538 KZT millions out of 762 millions KZT are already paid out. This sum is a combined equivalent of more than 400 million KZT, 51 000 RUR, almost 1 million USD and 70 000 EUR.

BTA branches served 2438 depositors, although technical problems appear during the process of payment. Most of them are connected to different formats of depositors inclusion to ‘Nauryz Bank Kazakhstan’ JSC’s database. But thanks to the BTA’s ‘hotline’ organised between branch operators and head office all the problems are solved in real time.

Payment of deposit refunds started on December 14, 2005 and will end on June 14, 2006.

‘Bank TuranAlem’ JSC - system-making bank of Kazakhstan, leading in creation of banking network on the territory of CIS. Bank’s assets exceed 7 billion USD, equity capital exceed 800 million USD. Bank’s shareholders are the world largest institutions such as EBRD, RZB, IFC, and FMO. In Kazakhstan the Bank confidently holds the leading position among the second-level banks in trade financing, SME loans and mortgage lending. Bank’s development strategy includes geographical diversification and the extension of the range of provided services, as well as stable dynamic growth.