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JSC "Bank TuranAlem" is "Irreproachable", according to National League of Consumers of Kazakhstan


On 15 March, 2006 – World Consumer Rights Day – National League of Consumers of Kazakhstan presented, for the first time, "Irreproachable" National Quality Awards. JSC "Bank TuranAlem" was chosen by independent commission as the best in retail banking.

For the first time the League, member of Consumers International and International Confederation of Consumers societies, awarded a bank. During the year the League conducted expertise, consumer polls and studied the whole situation in banking services market. As a result the bank most trusted by consumers, with most affordable products, providing qualified and professional service, was chosen.

Bolat Baimirov, Deputy Chairman of the Board, received the award on behalf of Bank TuranAlem. "We have a lot of international awards, bur this one, from our clients, is especially valuable to us. It obliges us to improve the quality of our products and services even more".

In 2005 Bank TuranAlem became the leader in express deposits for physical persons, with 21.2% market share and 779 million USD in deposits. It was BTA that conducted deposit refunds to Nauryz Bank depositors. From 14 December, 2005 the Bank refunded 85% of all deposits or 900 million KZT.

The Award ceremony sums up League’s 12-year experience, its reputation, collaboration with press and state government that help to provide effective services and settle appeals of all angry consumers.

JSC "Bank TuranAlem" - system-making bank of Kazakhstan, the leader in creation of banking network on the territory of CIS. Bank’s assets exceed 7.4 billion USD; equity capital exceeds 940 million USD. Bank’s shareholders are the world largest institutions such as EBRD, RZB, IFC and FMO. In Kazakhstan the Bank confidently holds the leading position among the second-tier banks in the field of trade financing, SME loans and mortgage lending. Bank’s development strategy includes geographical diversification and the expansion of the range of provided services, as well as stable dynamic growth.

The League of Consumers of Kazakhstan founded in March 1995. Today it unites 107 consumer rights organizations in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. League’s mission is to establish social justice and to form civilized relations in the retail and services market, through granting most vulnerable sections of population an access to justice bodies and consumer education. The League works closely with USAID and The Pragma Corporation on projects of public education.