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Creation of new world-class orchestra

31.05.2006 / Press-service

Today at concert hall of Opera and Ballet Theatre the first in Kazakhstan agreement on creation of common brand between commercial bank and social fund was signed. "Kazakhstan Philharmonic Orchestra "TuranAlem" came to life.

During the journalist briefing some of the details of collaboration between Bank TuranAlem and Cultural Social Fund of Marat Bisengaliev were uncovered. The signed agreement is designed for common goals of both sides – "propaganda of the best examples of Kazakhstan art". For 5 years, Bank will be granting 450 thousand US dollars annually to the Fund for the development of the orchestra, with possible prolongation. Total sum of the project is 2.25 million US dollars.

Creation of philharmonic orchestra with world-class musicians will expand its possibilities. The orchestra will help to promote the culture of Kazakhstan in the world arena, establishment of world standards in classical music of the Republic and become effective investment project for Bank TuranAlem.

"To support the art is to assist in creation of universal language, understandable to all nations. That is why in 2005, when the idea of concerts by world-class stars-our compatriots came up, Bank TuranAlem." – says Genrig Kholodzinskiy, Deputy Chairman of the Bank. "Concerts took place in Kazakhstan's capital and in Almaty and became cultural events of the year. Sponsorship was a good advertising for us. But Marat Bisengaliev and, I hope, new Kazakhstan philharmonic orchestra "TuranAlem" will decently represent the soul of our nation on many world scenes. It is our common goal – to represent the image of Kazakhstan in the world arena."

During the signing of the agreement "Tlep" project performance video, recorded at Royal Albert Hall on 17 April 2006, was played.

Marat Bisengaliev – one of the outstanding violists, was born in 1962 in Almaty. Winner of many international competitions had his artistic debut at 9 years old.

The first major breakthrough was the signing of long-term contracts with "Naxos", "Marco Polo" companies. His world debut in England was at Barbican Hall (London, 1991) with London Symphonic Orchestra. Later active concert life followed, performances in England, USA, Hong-Kong, Australia, France. His records became classical music chart-toppers: "Wieniawski" CD is in the top ten classical records alongside Menukhin, Zuckerman, Vengerov and Zimmerman.His major contribution to culture of Kazakhstan is "From the steppes to the city" CD, recorded in 2002.Cultural Social Fund of Marat Bisengaliev was founded in February 2002.

Marat Bisengaliev is the author and founder of "Tlep" project. Compositions for the project were ordered by Kazakhstan philanthropist Sapar Iskakov from Carl Jenkinks – "best-selling" of living composers. The record, made at SONY BMG was released in spring. Premiere of the project took place in April, at Royal Albert Hall – most prestigious concert halls of London. Kazakhstan premiere of "Tlep" is scheduled for 6 July in Astana, with possible visit of the Prince of York, Andrew.

The orchestra performing "Tlep" consists of Finnish vocal group "Adiemus", percussions and pipe instruments of London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, solo saxophone – Nigel Hitchcock, solo vocal – Arukhan Bisengalieva.

JSC "Bank TuranAlem" – the system-making bank of Kazakhstan, the leader in creation of banking network on the territory of CIS. Bank's assets exceed $9.2 billion; equity capital exceeds $1.5 billion. Bank's shareholders are the world largest institutions such as EBRD, RZB, IFC and FMO. In Kazakhstan the Bank confidently holds the leading position among the second-tier banks in the field of trade financing, SME loans and mortgage lending. Bank's development strategy includes geographical diversification and the expansion of the range of provided services, as well as stable dynamic growth.