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Waltz Begins! Vienna Ball in Almaty

13.12.2006 / Press-service

On April 14, 2007 the Vienna Ball will take place in Hall of Ceremonies, Almaty. The new bright event which will become annual, as its organizers hope, will be added to the calendar of public and cultural life of Almaty.

The Vienna Ball will take place in Almaty in the form of the famous Vienna Opera Ball having more than centennial history.

From the ancient times and up to now Vienna has been the European capital of balls. Thus far Vienna hosts many glorious balls. Businessmen and doctors, lawyers and gardeners, confectioners and hunters can organize their balls. But the Vienna Opera Ball is considered the most prestigious ball. Only for one night all chairs are removed from the hall of the National Opera and special parquet is paved so that to match with the stage level – and the theater hall is transformed into dancing palace.

In the last years, Vienna balls in the form of the Vienna Opera Ball have become the traditional events in many countries of the world – in Rome and Shanghai, Tokyo and Prague. From 2003, the Vienna Ball is successfully conducted in Moscow. And now it is the turn of Almaty to host the ball.

The ball will take place under patronage of Vienna and Almaty city administrations. The co-chairmen of the Ball's Honored Committee will be the Burgomaster of Vienna M.Hoepple and the Governor of Almaty I.Tasmagambetov. The Honored Committee also includes: the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Austria D.Kuanyshev, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Russia Zh.Tuymebayev, Trade Counselor of Austria to CIS I.Kausel. The guests of the Ball in Almaty will be politicians and diplomats, businessmen of Kazakhstan, Austria, Russia and other countries. The Vienna Ball is not only a public event, it is also an important cultural event. The star artists of ballet and opera will perform at the Ball Gala Concert. Alfred Eshve, a principal conductor of the Vienna Opera will conduct Symphonic Orchestra. Famous musical critic Svyatoslav Belza is the Ball's anchor.

The debut dancers will open the ball – girls in white dresses and their cavaliers in black evening dresses. Accompanied by Karl Cirer's solemn music they will enter the ball hall and dance Strausse's waltz "On beautiful blue Dunai." In a few beats, the chief dance master will pronounce the following famous phrase"Alles Walzer" and all guests will join the debut dancers.

Selection of debut dancers will begin two months before the Ball. All those wishing to attend the Ball aging 16-24 years old, not-married, shall participate in the contest. The announcement about the contest will be placed at the Ball's website -http://www.venskibal.kz/. It will be opened in the nearest future, and the applicants for debut dancing could submit their applications through World Wide Web. Then, Ball Committee will select participants, and the debut dancers will begin their rehearsals. Chief Ball Dancing Master, Vice-President of World Dancing Federation, Stanislav Popov, will guide general rehearsals of the debut dancers.

At the Ball, the guests will not only dance polka and gallop (ball dance similar to "runnel" dance). In the second part of the Ball the guests will dance modern dances – tango, cha-cha-cha, foxtrot, and rumba - accompanied by jazz band. Of course, we should remember that the Ball is not the contest of ball dancers. The thing that will prevail is your moods and wish to dance.

During the Ball the guests will have a good opportunity to treat themselves the Vienna cuisine, which is deemed one of the most delicious in Europe. All dishes will be prepared under guidance of the Ball Chef Gotfried Gangsterer. The obligatory part of the Ball is a cook parade. The Ball will start at nine o'clock p.m. and will last through the night up to five o'clock a.m. The guests will be requested to adhere to the dress code. For Madams and Mademoiselles – long evening dress, for Monsieurs – evening dress or dinner jacket (black tie or white tie) The Ball organizers are Rusian-Austrian company "Vienna Ball" and "Vienna Ball Event Management" LTD.

Bank TuranAlem is the general sponsor of the Vienna Ball.

Bank TuranAlem has made the decision to render general sponsorship of the Vienna Opera Ball as the first such event of classical music and dance, new page in the cultural life of the country, attempt to revive special world of famous traditions of emperors of European and Kazakhstan palaces.

The Vienna Opera Ball in Kazakhstan will continue a series of cultural projects of Bank TuranAlem: "Concerts on Native Land," "KazakhFilm Gold Collection," "Cultural Crossroads: Kazakhstan-Georgia" Festival, Big Philharmonic Orchestra of Bank TuranAlem.

Investments of Bank TuranAlem in cultural projects are aimed to strengthen attractiveness of our Motherland and BTA in other countries and continents. Social responsibility of BTA shareholders and managers is revealed not only in financial and economic well-being of the Bank's employees, but also in well-being of citizens of the country, in attempts to maintain and develop cultural heritage of Kazakh people. Organizing and sponsoring many unique projects, BTA thereby much contributes to spiritual development of Kazakhstani people.

JSC Bank TuranAlem is the core of financial group covering all market segments. BTA is a backbone bank of Kazakhstan, a leader in development of banking network through CIS. BTA assets reach US $12 billion, total equity capital exceeds US $1.6 billion. Bank TuranAlem takes absolute leading position in Kazakhstan in terms of trade finance, small and medium business financing, and mortgage. The Bank's strategic objectives for 2006-2015 imply to reach leading positions in Kazakhstan and other CIS markets in segments of retail banking, small and medium business, corporate banking, and to obtain market shares in Kazakhstan – no less than 25%, in Russia – no less than 2%, in other countries – no less than 5%. The Bank plans to consolidate its total assets and increase it by 2010 up to US $25 billion, and by 2015 – up to US $50 billion.