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Results of popular voting Top 20

13.12.2006 / Press-service

Today, at a press conference, the list of 20 winner films was announced. These films were named the best out of 50 films nominated for reconditioning following the results of people's voting.

The people's choice of the best and most popular films out of "Gold Collection" of Kazakh movies for its subsequent restoration and reconditioning that was conducted through SMS messages, World Wide Web and coupons in "Novoye Pokoleniye" Republican newspaper began on October 4 and recently came to its end.

At the top of rating are the following films: "Abai" (Directed by A.Amirkulova), "Enemy, be Afraid of Ninth Son" (Directed by V.Pusurmanov, V.Chugunov), "Blood and Sweat" (Directed by A.Mambetov, Yu.Mastyugin), "Dzhambul" (Directed by E.Dzigan), "Legendary Chokan" (Directed by A.Ashimov), Tsoi Guk In. The top 20 films also include:

  • Abai's songs
  • Dzhut
  • Shok and Sher
  • Songs of steppes
  • Mother and son
  • Silence
  • Raikhan
  • Soldier's son
  • Moscow is behind us
  • Song about giant
  • Ring my drum
  • White rose
  • Lucie my sister
  • His time will come
  • There Edelweiss is blossoming

The most active participants of the campaign who gave the majority of votes (one can vote only for no more than ten films). The first place was taken by Almaty citizen Kair Elamanov. He, as well as three rest winners of voting (prize for the forth place was awarded to Gulnara Saibekova, who is living in Shu, Kazakhstani backs), has received film album with 30 renewed Kazakhstani films.

"Participation in voting for the films from "Gold Collection of Kazakh Movies" witnesses great value of Kazakhstani movies for thousands of people of the country and natural wish to keep it for new generation," – said Deputy Chairman of BTA Board Genrig Holodzinskiy.

Through all 60 days of voting information was delivered to specially designed website and to TV programs of "Kazakhstan" TV channel, "Movies" column in "Novoye Pokoleniye" newspaper, was represented at posters of BTA offices, cellular operators, "Otau Cinema" movie theaters network, "Meloman" shops.

The background of people's voting of the first 10 glorious films out of collection of Kazakhfilm commenced by initiative of moviemakers and Bank TuranAlem under support of Yerzhan Tatishev's charity fund in 2003 to restore the best films of Kazakhstani moviemakers. Presently, already 30 films are reconditioned for Kazakhstani audience. Kazakh movie is worth of better fate.

Apart from architectural objects and cultural monuments, the integral part of the history of people is its visual culture. As it were, painting has commenced its development in Kazakhstan only in XX century. Nomads were better at decorative and applied arts. So much interesting is the phenomenon of Kazakh movie, which was borne at times of collectivization and transmission to sedentary life and developed during the Great Patriotic War. At the end of the century, the world has begun to talk about "new Kazak wave", about filmmakers who persistently win the prizes at international festivals. But what was happening to "Kazakhfilm" in 50-80-s? Quite interesting processes were happening at the studio: national school of movie was formed, modern film making processes were borne, creative search and international contacts were at their rise. The whole generation were growing up watching such cult films of that times as "Sweet Juice of Grass," "My Name Is Kozha," "Kyz-Zhibek," "Needle," etc.

Restoration of "Kazakhfilm" movies came to a head long time ago. Many years films being the pride of Kazakh movies have been stored in National Movies Archives ("Gosfilmofond") in Moscow. All old copies are worthless, and TV audience remembers Kazakhstani films that were shown on TV by un understandable virtue only in the days of state (official) holidays, left rather distressing impression due to low technical visual and audio quality. Therefore, when head of "Kazakhfilm" Sergei Azimov appealed to Yerzhan Tatishev, the former Chairman of BTA Board in 2003 with idea of a project, he was immediately supported.

JSC Bank TuranAlem is the core of financial group covering all market segments. BTA is a backbone bank of Kazakhstan, a leader in development of banking network through CIS. BTA assets reach US $12 billion, total equity capital exceeds US $1.6 billion. Bank TuranAlem not only takes absolute leading position in Kazakhstan in terms of trade finance, small and medium business financing, and mortgage, but only renders sponsorship for a number of large-scale cultural projects of Kazakhstan: Big Philharmonic Orchestra of Bank TuranAlem, annual "Concerts on Native Land," "First Musical Comedy by Bulat Atabayev.

JSC Kazakhfilm named after Shaken Aimanov was established in 1934. In 1960 Alma-Ata film studio of movies and chronicles was re-named in Kazakhfilm, and in 1984, it was awarded by Shaken Aimanov name. The main activities of Kazakhfilm is: development of projects, production and post-production of movies and video films, release of Kazakhstani films (together with "Kazakh Cinema Distribution."
Website: www.kazahfilm.kz

Republican TV Corporation "Kazakhstan" broadcasting in all regions of Kazakhstan operates from 1958. In September 2006, "Kazakhstan" was re-borne renewing 90% of broadcasting by new live projects adjusted for all Kazakhstani people.

GSM Kazakhstan represented by trademarks K'Сell and Activ was established in September 1988. The shareholders of GSM Kazakhstan are national telecommunication operator JSC "Kazakhtelecom" and FinTur Holding B.V. (Finland, Sweden, Turkey).
Website: www.kcell.kz

"Kazakh Cinema Distribution" company was established in 2002. Within the framework of the exclusive contract with JSC Kazakhfilm named after Shaken Aimanov, it possesses the title to production, release and promotion of Kazakh feature, documentary and animation films at the territory of Kazakhstan and in countries of CIS and abroad.

"КaR-Tel" company is represented in Kazakhstan by trademarks Beeline and K-Mobile.
Websites: www.beeline.kz, www.k-mobile.kz

Republican weekly newspaper "Novoye Pokoleniye." (New Generation") It was founded in 1998. Awarded by "Altyn Zhuldyz ("Gold Star"). In 2002-2005 years it was recognized as the best political weekly newspaper.
Website: www.np.kz

JSC "Altel" – the first national cellular operator in Kazakhstan. Beginning from 1994, provides telecommunication services in the largest cities of Kazakhstan. More than 400 000 people of Kazakhstan use cellular services of Dalacom and PAThWORD, trademarks of JSC "ALTEL."
Websites: www.dalacom.kz, www.pathword.kz

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