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New world-wide orchestra

03.04.2007 / Press-service

On the 4th of April at the State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet a new worldwide orchestra "Kazakh philharmonic orchestra TuranAlem" founded to "popularize the best works of Kazakh art" under aegis of Bank "TuranAlem" and an outstanding contemporary violinist Marat Bisengaliyev will give its first concert in the motherland. The musicians will perform "The concert for violin and symphonic orchestra" of E. Elgar in the first part (solo of Marat Bisengaliyev) and "5th symphony" of P. Chaikovsky in the second part. Conductor – Bundit Ungrangzi. The concert is organized in the frames of presentation of the Orchestra in Kazakhstan.

The idea to create a philharmonic orchestra of a full composition which would surpass all present ones in masterly performance and compete with the best world music collectives, appeared during preparation for the first joint project of "Bank TuranAlem" and Fund of M.Bisengaliyev – "Concerts in the Motherland".Enthusiastic reviews of home mass media, highly positive reaction and public response to the first "Concerts in the Motherland" led the leaders of JSC "Bank TuranAlem" to the continuation of the successful project and further extended cooperation with Marat Bisengaliyev and his Fund. The main precondition and pledge of success was the unity of purpose of the participants. Creative unity of the social fund and one of the most successful banks in CIS, their creation of an outstanding, recognized brand directed for the performance of the achievements of Kazakh culture.

To play with his philharmonic orchestra close to the full composition was Marat’s long cherished dream. The partnership with the bank allowed realizing the plans of performing with new orchestra of previously inaccessible masterpieces of world classic music. "Kazakh philharmonic orchestra TuranAlem is my long and cherished dream. Its creation will open new horizons for all Kazakh classic art, make possible to perform the whole series of masterpieces of the native and classical music. It is of no doubt that we will need to invite foreign performers – legionaries without who we are unable to achieve the required level of quality for the time being. The creative unity with a competent and reliable partner in the face of the most successful Kazakhstani bank increases assurance of the project success. Our joint brand will be recognized everywhere and become embodiment of the successful economic and richest cultural traditions of our country development" – said Marat Bisengailiyev.

The interest of "Bank TuranAlem" toward the world of classical music is also revealed in a special presentation of Kazakh art on the world scene. Thus, orchestra "TuranAlem" has given the first concert in London. The "Concerts in the Motherland" of the world stars of Kazakh origin who work on the best world scenes are held in the capital of Kazakhstan and Almaty annually. Since 2003 the bank has been financing the recovery, duplication and popularizing of the "Golden collection of Kazakh cinema art" – the best pictures of the Kazakh directors, and since 2006 supporting the establishment of Bulat Atabayev’s first national theatre of musical. Festival "Cultural crossroads: Kazakhstan-Georgia" was opened last year, and in July the bank is intending to organize "Days of Georgian culture in Kazakhstan".

Marat Bisengailiyev was born in 1962 in Almaty. The winner of many international contests, his first debut was at the age of 9. The first significant success of M.Bisengaliyev was the signing of the long term contracts with such outstanding companies as "Naxos" and "Marco Polo". His debut in the Old World came about in England in the concert with the London Symphonic orchestra in Barbican Hall (London, 1991). Then followed an active concert life, numerous performances in England, USA, Hong Kong, Australia, France. His compact discs are the winners of international charts of classical music: CD "Wieniawski" entered the world top tenth of the outstanding performers alongside with Menukhin, Zuckerman, Vengerov, Zimmerman. A considerable contribution to the popularization of Kazakh culture achievements became CD "From the steppes to the city" recorded by the orchestra. M.Bisengaliyev is the author and founder of the "Tlep" project. A series of compositions was ordered by Kazakh philanthropist Sapar Iskakov to Karl Djenkins. The premiere of the composition recorded by SONY BMG Company took place in April 2006 in Royal Albert Hall – the most prestigious hall of London.

Bundit Ungrangzi, a conductor of the world class working in five continents – the first Thai man to become laureate and winner of many prestigious conductors’ contests. On his credit there is participation in the semi-final of prestigious contest Besankon (France, 1998), victory in the international contest of young conductors in Lisbon (1999), the 4th place among 37 conductors from 20 countries in the international contest of Hungarian radio and television (Budapest, 2002). In September 2002 Ungrangzi was recognized as the best among 362 conductors from 40 countries of the world in the international conductors contest "Mazzel -Vilar" (Carnegie Hall, New York). Bundit has performed with such famous orchestras as "Saint Luke" in New York, "Utah symphonic orchestra", "Philharmonic orchestra of Los Angeles", "La Venice" from Venice and conducted more than 500 symphonic and opera concerts with 40 world orchestras. In November 2005 Ungrangzi was invited and actively participated as a Head Conductor in creating new world-wide orchestra "Seoul philharmonic orchestra".

Prior to that he had been working as a conductor of New York philharmonic society, head conductor of Charleston symphonic orchestra, conductor of symphonic orchestra of Utah state (USA), music director and conductor of young musicians Fund in Los Angeles (USA), conductor of symphonic orchestra after James de Priest. Among the world stars with who he had worked there are: Maksim Vengerov, Mikhail Pletnev, Julia Migenes, Joseph Alessi, sisters Labeg, Paula Robinson, Christopher Parkenning, Christopher Bruer and Elmer Bronstein. In the projects of 2007 there are tours to: Italy, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Denmark and Kazakhstan.

JSC "Bank TuranAlem" (BTA) is the core of the financial group existing in all segments of financial market. The network of the banks-strategic partners of BTA is spread over Ukraine, 4 regions of Russia, Byelorussia, Georgia and Armenia. Representative offices are operating in Russia, Byelorussia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and United Arab Emirates. The assets of the BTA group comprise 16,4 billion US dollars, aggregate owned capital 2,2 billion US dollars. Consolidation of the assets is planned for 2007 with the increase up to 50 billion US dollars till 2015.Cultural social Fund of Marat Bisengaliyev organized in 2002 realizes series of projects, actively participates in the cultural life of the Republic of Kazakhstan cooperating with the largest internal companies.