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JSC "Bank TuranAlem" and Credit Suisse Bank are acting as the Financial Advisers to the PETKIM PETROKIMYA, the Turkish Chemical Holding’s privatization deal

06.07.2007 / Press-service

JSC "Bank TuranAlem" and Credit Suisse Bank have acted as advisers to the TransCentralAsia Petrochemical Holding Consortium, that won the auction of 51 % shares sale of the chemical holding Petkim Petrokimya Holding A.S. and offered 2 billion 50 million US dollars for this package.

At the same time the Turkish company InterConsult Limited acts as a local adviser in the local market. Auction was organized by the privatization administration of the Turkish Republic.

The Consortium TransCentralAsia Petrochemical Holding has been created upon participation of the companies the Troika Dialogue Groups (represents the interest of Troika Capital Partners in the project), JSC " Caspian sea Oil " (JSC Caspi Neft) and Investment-industrial Group "Eurasia" for realization of investment projects by the Russian and Kazakhstani investors in Turkey.

The given Consortium, becoming the proprietor of a control share holding of company Petkim Petrokimya Holding A.S, is measured to develop comprehensively the enterprise, in particular, to modernize available capacities, an oil refinery, system of power supply, logistics, and also to invest in development of new products and directions of activity of the company.

The consortium representatives envisage a strategic role, which Petkim Petrokimya Holding A.S. plays to the economy of the region, and ascertain presence of the wide prospects, connected with development of this enterprise and the Turkish market as a whole.

The Consortium representatives have assured, that results of a auction testify about strengthening business relations between Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkey.

Petkim Petrokimya Holding A.S. is the unique company in Turkey on manufacture of plastic packing, a fabric, polyvinylchloride, washing-up liquids, etc. About a quarter of production is export.

Investment-industrial group "Eurasia", established with the assistance of Kazakhstani investors, is a leading development company, managing integrated development of projects in commercial estate field, as well as maintenance, reconstruction and construction of power generating systems projects in Russia and CIS countries. The Company joined the Consortium as a strategic partner.

Strategic partner of the Consortium - JSC "Caspi Neft"- is Kazakhstani oil exploring and production company in Caspian region of Kazakhstan.

The investment company the Troika Dialogue, is one of the leading companies in Russia and the CIS, became the financial partner of the Consortium through Troika Capital Group.