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Results of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders BTA Bank JSC
Hereby BTA Bank JSC kindly reports on results of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of BTA Bank JSC held on June 22, 2010 at Unit A2, 2nd floor, conference hall, 97 Zholdasbekov Street, Samal-2 microdistrict, Almaty.

BTA Bank Confirms Next Steps in the Restructuring Process
Following the successful approval of the Restructuring Plan of JSC BTA Bank (the “Bank”) at the Claimants’ Meeting held on 28 May 2010, the Bank is pleased to provide details of the next steps to be taken in the process leading up to the final completion of the Restructuring.

Notice of Court Hearing JSC BTA Bank
JSC BTA Bank (the “Bank”) hereby notifies its creditors and all interested parties that the application for approval of the restructuring plan of the Bank will be considered by the Specialised financial court in Almaty city.

Action “Profitable Exchange Rate”
Dear clients of BTA Bank! We are glad to inform you that period of validity of the action “Profitable Rate” has been prolonged until December 31, 2010.

BTA Bank’s Restructuring Plan Approved by FMSA
Almaty, June 9, 2010 – Today, BTA Bank reported that the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Regulation and Supervision of Financial Markets and Financial Organizations (FMSA) by Resolution № 83 as of June 4, 2010 has approved the proposed Restructuring Plan of BTA Bank.

Lessons to be learnt from Kazakhstan
Ever since the film Borat was released, the word “Kazakh” has tended to provoke sneers on western bank trading floors. Right now, however, it merits more respect – at least as far as the issue of financial restructuring is concerned.