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Dear Claimants


Hereby JSC BTA Bank kindly informs that pursuant to Restructuring, all issues of subordinated bonds of BTA Bank JSC (KZ2CKY08A535, KZ2CKY10A887, KZ2CKY10B158, KZ2CKY10B828, KZ2C0Y30C125, KZ2C0Y10D067) are subject to early repayment by converting them into common shares of the Bank. Calculations on number of shares to be distributed to the Claimants have been made by foreign advisors subject to Bank’s principal debt on the bonds and interest accrued as of June 30, 2010. In order to avoid major inaccuracies due to rounding, price per a common share for conversion is 57, 3296743241565 KZT. Whereas transaction price in JSC Central Depositary on Securities system shall not exceed 6 digits after comma, the counter orders shall include price per share equal to 57, 329674 KZT.

Coordination of parameters in counter orders shall be made with JSC BTA Securities. Please kindly contact us at: +7(727) 393 73 12, 393 73 13, 393 73 14.