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Attention: “Bid guarantees against overturns” offer


Dear managers of companies!

If you participate in tenders and contests within bulk purchase and need reliable and highly liquid collateral for your obligations on transactions, you may use the advantages of a new “Bid guarantees against overturns” offer from BTA Bank.

From November 12, 2010 to April 30, 2011 you will be able to use an extremely convenient and profitable product of BTA Bank – blank bid guarantees against overturns of your company. Besides, is doesn’t matter which Bank serves your Company – we will immediately consider your application in any case, and in case you have the whole package of documentation in accordance with terms and conditions of the bank, issuing a guarantee can be achieved within one banking day.

If you request detailed consultation, please contact your Personal Managers and account managers in units of Almaty branch of BTA Bank or Contact center of BTA Bank.