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Service of VISA payment cards


If some time ago settlements by payment cards were considered as innovation, today they are an essential part of our life. Nowadays virtually every large commercial establishment offers its customers to choose this both easy and convenient type of settlements when paying for goods and services.

Opportunity of paying by using payment cards means high level of service for your customers, while for your company it indicates the increase of loyalty of your customers, growth of turnovers of your company and finally the increase of your profit.

To make your customers want to pay for goods and services by payment cards and prefer this type of settlements, your company should aspire to increase the speed and quality of service of payment cards as much as possible. In addition to this, this may help to prevent probable displeasure of your customers and dispel their doubts in rightness of execution of transactions.

We offer you to watch special instructional movie made by Visa company so that your tellers be familiar with the basic principles and procedures of receipt of Visa payment cards, could serve your customers on the highest level and simultaneously minimize risks when working with payment cards.

If after you have watched the movie you have some questions, please contact your personal BTA Bank manager for consultation. You can receive additional Visa instructive materials at any time, if necessary.