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Mr. Anvar Saidenov, Chairman of BTA Bank, to receive «The Banker of 2010» award


Business Resource media holding has recently issued rating of leading bankers and businessmen of 2010. Leaders of the rating were found out through the two staged public survey.

22 media representatives and 17 local business media representatives were surveyed at the first stage. (Please find enclosed list). Media representatives were asked to answer the following questions:

  • «Who do you think should be awarded as «Businessman of the Year»/«Banker of the Year»?
  • «What merits do you think «Businessman of the Year»/«Banker of the Year» should be awarded for»?

Each survey participant was asked to choose one or several nominees. Following representatives of Kazakhstani business elite received the greatest votes from media:

TOP 5 list of nominees. «Banker of the Year»
Place Nominee Votes Achievements
1 Anvar Saidenov,
Chairman, BTA Bank
  1. successful restructuring
  2. weathering crisis and ability to manage bank in turbulent times
  3. Uncancelling of minority shares
2 Umit Shayakhmetova,
Chairman, Halyk Bank
  1. Conservative policy of the bank
  2. Good financial results of the bank
  3. Openness of the bank in regard to media coverage of positive and negative facts
  4. Declared initiatives in regard to tax procedure for write-offs of bad debts, regulation of banking groups
  5. Halyk Bank was the first bank to initiate repayment of state means allocated by Samruk-Kazyna
3 Maksat Kabashev,
Alliance Bank
  1. management of restructuring with less losses
  2. Active bank development in crisis time, search for new problem solving in business development
4 Magzhan Auezov,
Managing Director, member of the Board KazkommertsBank
3 Bank development despite significant debt repayments
5 Mikhail Lomtadze,
Chairman, Kaspi Bank
  1. Ability to develop activities of the bank in crisis time
  2. Ability to take risks (bank now heavily increases consumer crediting while other banks decrease their activities in this regard)

Second stage was conducted through online survey at www.profinance.kz. Site users were asked to choose one out of five bankers and one out of five businessmen, who were chosen by media.

Votes by site users as a result of online survey:

TOP 5 List. «Banker of the Year»


As a result of two staged survey Mr. Anvar Saidenov, Chairman of BTA Bank was chosen as «Banker of the Year».

List of Kazakhstani business editions participated in the first stage of the survey.

  • Reuters inform agency
  • «KazTag» inform agency
  • «KazInform» inform agency
  • «Panorama» newspaper
  • «Izvestiya Kazakhstan» newspaper
  • «Business & Vlast» newspaper
  • «Kazakhstan Iskeri» newspaper
  • «Kazakhstanskaya Pravda» newspaper
  • «Kursiv» newspaper
  • «Kapital» newspaper
  • «Megapolis» newspaper
  • «Delovoi Kazakhstan» newspaper
  • «Respublika» newspaper
  • «Millionaire» magazine
  • «Expert Kazakhstan» magazine
  • National Business magazine
  • «Exclusive» magazine

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