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Purchase Air Astana tickets in BTA Bank’s network


You are going in for trip but have no time to get to Air Astana office for tickets? There is no problem now: you can freely book electronic tickets by phone and pay for them in any unit of BTA Bank or via Cash&Pay payment terminals network.


Step 1. You contact “Booking and Information Center” of Air Astana by +7 (727) 244-44-77 (in Almaty) or 58-44-77 (in any other cities of Kazakhstan).

Step 2. Center’s specialist will book you a ticket and send booking number and exact fair amount to electronic mail or SMS to your mobile phone (to avoid any mistakes in booking number). After that the specialist will inform you on possibility to pay for the ticket in BTA Bank’s network.

Step 3. Booking Center’s specialist will direct you to the nearest BTA unit. Please note that ticket fair announced by booking center’s specialist is valid as of the booking date and may vary on any other day subject to the USD to KZT exchange rate. If you’re going to pay on any other day you will need to contact Booking and Information Center of Air Astana and detail ticket fair as of the payment date.

Step 4. You select any convenient way of payment and pay ticket fair. BTA accepts payments in any units of the Bank around Kazakhstan. To pay for the ticket you need to know fair amount, ID Card number and TIN of the person to pay. Fee for payment regardless ticket fair is 150 KZT in BTA units and 50 KZT upon payment via Cash&Pay terminals or Internet-Banking.

Step 5. After ticket payment amount is credited to Air Astana account, the company’s officer responsible for monitoring of payments from BTA Bank will get relevant notice. He/she then will execute the ticket and send it to you by e-mail or fax and contact you by telephone, you have indicated during booking, to notify you on sending an electronic ticket.