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BTA Bank made the first interest payment under new bonds for the total amount of USD165mln (KZT24 349mln)


JSC BTA Bank (hereinafter referred to as “the Bank”) made the first interest payment for the total amount of USD165mln (KZT24 349mln) under new bonds that include the following instruments:

Type of bondsInternational Securities Identification Number (ISIN)CurrencyInterest payment for the first interest periodMaturity
Regulation SRule 144A
1Senior BondsXS0532988770XS0532989588USD111 927 4832018
2Original Issue Discount NotesXS0532989828XS0532990164USD3 251 5632021
3Original Issue Discount NotesXS0532990248XS0532990594EUR3 134 1682021
4Subordinated BondsXS0532990677XS0532990750USD17 878 7292025
5Subordinated BondsXS0532990834XS0532990917EUR953 0112025
6Senior BondsXS0531656055XS0531656139KZT2 404 557 7962018
7Subordinated A BondsXS0531657293XS0531657707KZT414 189 9402025
8Subordinated B BondsXS0531657889XS0531657962KZT1 120 000 0002030

These bonds have been issued during restructuring which resulted in cancellation of all previously issued bonds and other liabilities of the Bank, cash payment of USD945 mln., issue of new debt securities and shares and entering into a Revolving Committed Trade Finance Facility.

Mr. Anvar Saidenov, Chairman of the Management Board believes that payment of interest under new bonds is a positive sign for creditors, since this repayment is the first one after the completion of the restructuring: "I think that most of our creditors will positively respond to message on repayment of first coupon under new Bank’s bonds. For them such repayment means that BTA continues servicing its debts that was suspended for the period of restructuring and that all events envisaged by the Restructuring Plan are being realized in full and in strict compliance with the schedule".

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