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BTA will take all necessary legal measures to withstand to all attempts on assets alienation controlled by former BTA Top management


Almaty, 17 Jan – BTA Bank (further – Bank) to announce that all acts of any parties or operations directed towards acquisition of assets of former Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. M. Ablyazov (further – «M. Ablyazov») are subject to violation of order by High Court of England and Wales (futher – «Court») and are in contravention of asset receivers, will be disputed and will have serious consequences for all deal parties.

All assets directly or indirectly controlled by Mr. Ablyazov are subject to the Court’s order outlawing deal commitments and any other alienation of assets pertained to Mr. Ablyazov without prior permission of BTA Bank or the Court.

Assets control was transferred by the Court to KPMG, specially appointed international audit company. The Court has set this institution as asset receivers to ensure safety till pronouncement of final decision on suits by BTA Bank to Mr. Ablyazov.

In regards to sell of «Severnoye Domodedovо» logistic complex, asset administrator already conducts an investigation of circumstances of the deal. BTA Bank also analyses the situation and will request information from all deal parties on its structure and other details. Subject to the results, BTA will take further steps, considering deal impugnment and appealing to investigating and court bodies.

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