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In October drawing of money prizes will be held to commemorate 10th anniversary of “Formula Uspekha” deposit


Dear depositors,

Let us share a great joy: this year we will celebrate 10th anniversary of “Formula Uspekha” deposit by drawing 10 money prizes KZT150,000 each among depositors of “Formula Uspekha” on October 15. Also, there will be a traditional drawing of 564 money prizes 10,000 tenge each among depositors of “Formula Uspekha” and “Pensionniy”!

Conditions of participation

1. Individuals holding “Formula Uspekha” and/or “Pensionniy” deposit with BTA Bank JSC will take part in the drawing subject to the following criteria:

    а) deposit amount: from KZT15,000 or USD/Euro100 in “Formula Uspekha” deposit, from KZT3,000 or USD/Euro25 in “Pensionniy” deposit;

    б) placement term – not less than 3 months;

    в) placement time – till 9:00 of October 1, 2011 (local time)

2. Depositor of all 22 Branches of BTA Bank JSC are eligible for drawing.

3. Prize fund is:

    а) 10 prizes of KZT150,000 and 379 prizes of KZT 10,000 among “Formula Uspekha” deposit holders

    б) 185 prizes of KZT10,000 among “Pensionniy” deposit holders.

    All taxes related to money prize will be paid by BTA Bank JSC.

4. Winners will be selected by computer “Bingo” program based on generation of random numbers. Winners will be selected out of the account numbers of depositors participating in the drawing. In case depositor has more than one deposit with BTA Bank JSC only one deposit will be eligible to participation.

5. Customers and depositors of BTA Bank JSC wishing to witness winner selection procedure can find out information on place and time of the drawing in their branches.