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BTA Bank accepts documents created by electronic government portal for consideration www.e.gov.kz


Dear Customers,

If you appreciate your time and do not wish to waste it in queues to get any reference required to execute banking products, please use electronic government portal at: www.e.gov.kz.

This single resource will enable to get official information on the Republic of Kazakhstan, its laws, places of interest, and use different governmental services. For example, to pay taxes and fines online, get reference on availability or non-availability of real estate, value of pension savings, residence address and other.

By work of the “electronic government” residents and guests of the Republic of Kazakhstan do not need to waste their time in queues in different instances as far as they can get a number of state services remotely sitting at a personal computer.

Today “electronic government” portal provides 74 electronic services of different state offices of the Republic of Kazakhstan: ministries of justice, education, internal affairs, agriculture, labor and social protection, as well as Supreme Court and Tax Committee.

Pursuant to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan No.370-II “On electronic document and electronic digital signature” dated 07.01.2003, an electronic document may be created, delivered, stored and submitted electronically. Electronic document compliant with the Law is equivalent to document in hard copy. Thus, to get certain services from BTA Bank JSC you can use documents created by www.e.gov.kz Portal.

To use “electronic government” services you need to register at www.e.gov.kz with Identification number of either a natural person (IIN) or legal entity (BIN) and get electronic digital signature (EDS). All necessary instructions on registration and EDS receipt are included into relevant sections of the portal.

After you receive an electronic document duly certified by electronic digital signature you will need to simply print the document and provide it with other documents to your service manager in BTA Bank.