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Attention: “Anniversary of Independence” event


Dear Customers,

BTA Bank cordially congratulates you on the 20th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and kindly invites you to take part in the special “Anniversary of Independence” event.

Under this event we offer you to open “Yubileinyi” deposit with BTA Bank, which also provides for obligatory bonus in the form of increased interest rate (+3% p.a.). By the results of the event, all depositors of “Yubileinyi” deposit will take part in the drawing of money prizes!

Terms of deposit

Currency KZT, USD, EUR
Fixing of interest rate To all term of the contract
Terms of keeping 6 and 12 months
Minimum initial installment 15 000 tenge or 100 dollars USA/Euro
Additional installments No limitations on the amount
Partial deductions Until the minimum balance
Minimum balance The collective equivalent for the amount of KZT 15 000 on all accounts of the deposit
Payment of interest On a monthly basis to the payment card of deposit account (capitalization)
Additional interests Draw of money prizes
Minimum conversion amount 150 000 tenge or 1 000 dollars USA/Euro
Prolongation Automatic, to the same period, at the rate of “on demand”

Annual interest rates

Deposit currency Term of keeping the deposit, months
6 In case of advance withdrawal 12 In case of advance withdrawal
KZT Basic 7,5% 4,5% 10,0% 7,0%
Effective* 7,8% 4,6% 10,5% 7,2%
USD Basic 6,0% 3,0% 6,7% 3,7%
Effective* 6,2% 3,0% 6,9% 3,8%
EUR Basic 1,5% 1,0% 1,5% 1,0%
Effective* 1,5% 1,0% 1,5% 1,0%

* Effective rate in authentic, annual, effective, comparable calculation

Save your time when opening deposit by using services of BTA Bank remote banking servicing channels networks. You may also use deposit calculator to calculate the terms and amount of deposit.