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Winners of the main prize drawing intended to coincide with the 10th anniversary of “Formula Uspekha” deposit are receiving their New Year gifts!


The depositors of BTA Bank have once again received evidence that they made a choice which turned to be lucky for them in many respects. Fortune smiled upon hundreds of holders of “Formula Uspekha” and “Pensionniy” deposits. In the framework of drawing prizes intended to coincide with the 10th anniversary of a popular deposit “Formula Uspekha”, they received 10 thousand tenge each. But ten thousand of the Bank’s clients became real favourites. They were lucky to win the main prizes – 150 thousand tenge!

Depositors of all the 22 bank branches followed attentively the definition of the winners of the prize drawing through video broadcasting.

On the edge of the New Year holiday, the winners, holders of the main prizes shared their emotional experience and told how they had managed to attract good fortune.

“This is my first weighty winning”, Konstantin Gulyayev, a university lecturer from Ust-Kamenogorsk. “It is very pleasant to receive a prize. It is the best gift to be obtained before the New Year holiday! I opened “Formula Uspekha” deposit to save money for the future. I chose this deposit because your advisers explained to me that among the depositors, they held quarterly drawing of valuable prizes. By the way, I advise all the depositors to cooperate only with you”.

As it has been anticipated, the winners of the drawing turned out to be not only lucky but also farsighted people.

“It was my daughter who opened the deposit. She deposited the money that had been presented to her after the successful examination session at the university. How are we going to spend the money? Half of it will be spent on new acquisitions and new dresses, and the other half will be put to the same deposit”, reasoned Zhanara Yessenalina from Aktyubinsk and added: “I use also other products of BTA Bank, namely, I use money transfer, pay for my public utility services in the cash desks of the Bank. You have rather low commission fees”.

By the way, some of the winners took the decision to deposit money on their friends and acquaintances’ advice.

“I chose “Formula Uspekha” deposit because of its being very popular with the people. Many of my acquaintances keep money on this deposit that is why I decided to put my savings on the account a BTA Bank”, Slyamkhan Nurbakhyt from East Kazakhstan told us. “And the winning is the best gift before the New Year holiday! By the way, my daughter is going to get education in Moscow, and this money will be a good help in this undertaking”.

Specially inquisitive clients did not only interrogate their acquaintances, but also checked the profitability of the deposit having compared it with the analogous service in the market of bank services.

“I use only “Formula Uspekha” deposit. I visited all the banks and the conditions of this deposit turned out to be the most attractive for me. I believe in fate, I trust to luck, but when I opened the deposit I didn’t think about a prize”, confesses Vadim Butuzov, a manager from Temirtau. “I will buy a fur coat for my wife. I advise everyone to keep money on “Formula Uspekha” deposit”.

As we can see from the poll of the winners, luck favors those who do not expect it and do not put great store by it, but who are persistent and responsible in building their future. This is nothing but “Formula Uspekha” (‘Formula of Success’).

Open deposits at BTA Bank and participate in the drawings of valuable prizes!

BTA Bank. Money makes money!

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