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“Auto-payment” – new service from BTA Bank and K’cell


BTA Bank and K’cell have developed and launched unique “Auto-payment” service.


Automatic replenishment of balance on mobile phone!


No fees!

You don’t have to look for payment terminals, count minutes and wait for the time when money on your phone will end up at the most inappropriate moment. New “Auto-payment” service is an automatic replenishment of balance on your or your relative’s mobile phone.

Everything is easy and convenient: as soon as balance on your mobile phone becomes 100 tenge or less, “Auto-payment” will immediately transfer money from your payment card to the operator’s account, thus replenishing your balance.


  • Immediate automatic replenishment will enable you to always stay in touch
  • You don’t have to waste your time looking for a terminal or buying payment cards
  • Opportunity of replenishing balances on several numbers from one bank account (for example, your relatives’ mobile phone balances)


  • Free connection
  • No fees
  • 100 bonus minutes at the time of connection *

Who can be connected to this service?

Kcell, Activ, Vegaline subscribers with a mobile phone number executed to the name of individual, and being BTA cardholders.

Connecting to service

To connect to service you need to apply to any unit of BTA Bank and fill out respective application.

Indicate amount to be transferred to the account of your mobile phone.

Upon filing an application, answer to SMS which will be automatically sent to your number for confirmation of connecting to service.

Disconnecting from service

The service can be switched off in any unit of BTA Bank

Cost of service:

Service is provided free of charge.
No fees for payment from the Bank.

*Bonus minutes can be used only when calling to any direction around Kazakhstan

*Validity term of bonus minutes – 30 days from the moment of connecting to “Auto-payment” service

*Bonus minutes are unavailable in roaming