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“Damu” Enterpreneurship Development Fund JSC and BTA Bank JSC to launch “Win Tender” Project designed for SMB


Almaty, April 25, 2012 - “Damu” Enterpreneurship Development Fund JSC and BTA Bank JSC are happy to announce on launching “Win Tender” joint training and consulting project designed for small and medium business (SMB).

Entrepreneurs from all over Kazakhstan engaged in SMB can participate at seminars where they will be taught how to be successful in tender: complete documents and attract resources to participate at regulated procurements, get tender guarantees, etc. All participants will get necessary training materials and information on participation in tenders. Training will be made by qualified business trainers.

Purpose of the project is to increase competitivences of small and medium businesses, provide them with an opportunity to work at the market of regulated procurements.

Ms. Lyazzat Ibragimova, Chairman of the Management Board of “Damu EDF” JSC commented on commencing of « Win Tender » project : « Domestic Small and Medium business is characterized by sense of purpose and energy, businesses are usually opened by initiative people having their feet on the grond. Often they lack some competence and knowledge for further business development. We tried our best to assist small and medium businesses in part of access to actual information on participation in procurements. This will open way for them to the market of works and services in demand with the national and major state enterprises ».

Mr. Askhat Beisenbayev, First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of BTA Bank JSC has also commented : «BTA Bank has long-term and successful cooperation with small and medium business of Kazakhstan. We always strived to take into account all wishes and needs of domestic enterpreneurs, provide them with access to required financial resources. Here we will jointly with Damu EDF JSC train enterpreneurs how to work at the market of regulated procurements, thus enabling them to develop business. This, without any exagerations is a matter of national importance. We are happy to participate in such a significant and important project for the country ».

Damu EDF JSC and BTA Bank JSC are jointly participating in implementtion of state programs for enterprenership support such as Damu EDF JSC 1st Stabilization Tranche program, 2nd Stabilization Program Tranche, 3rd Stabilization Program Tranche, Damu-Ondiris, Damu-Regions, Damu-Regions II, Business Road Map 2020, etc.

As of March 1, 2012 over 12 thousand borrowers were financied for the total amount of 614 bln. KZT under programs of conditioned placement of funds through second tier banks. More than 23 thousand working places have been created and maintained. Particularly, BTA Bank JSC has financed 2,683 private businesses for the total amount of 179 bln.KZT that is around 30% of the total actually disbursed amounts. Thus, BTA Bank JSC is a leader on financing of private businesses and volumes of funds issued under Damu Fund JSC programs.

As of April 13, 2012, 972 subsidizing contracts and 34 guarantee contracts have been entered into under Business Road Map 2020. Credit portfolio amounts to around 312 bln.KZT. The highest number of projects under subsidizing contracts under Business Road Map 2020 is attributed to BTA Bank JSC.

Media contacts:

Press Service of Damu EDF JSC
Tel. +7(727) 244 55 66 (вн.1021)
(contact: Elnura Kereshova)
e-mail: Elnura.Kereshova@fund.kz
Press Service of BTA Bank JSC
Tel. +7(727) 266 43 22
(contact: Filipp Prokudin)
e-mail: pr@bta.kz