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BTA Bank to register Cyrillic domain for its corporate web-site
BTA Bank has registered IDN domain which is a Cyrillic domain with the use of Kazakh alphabet letters: бта.қаз. for its corporate website.

NOTICE On holding of an Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders of BTA Bank JSC
BTA Bank Joint-Stock Company located at: 97, Zholdasbekov str., Samal-2 mcrd., Almaty, 050051, Republic of Kazakhstan, kindly informs on convocation of the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of BTA Bank JSC in accordance with Resolution of the Board of Directors No. 6 dated May 16, 2012.

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Special Financial Court of Almaty Made a Decision About the Commencement of BTA Bank’s Restructuring
BTA Bank JSC is pleased to announce that on May 8, 2012 the Special Financial Court of Almaty granted the Bank’s May 2 application to commence the restructuring of its financial indebtedness.

BTA Bank Applies to The Almaty Court to Commence Restructuring; Recovery Units Accelerated
“BTA Bank” JSC announces that as part of the restructuring process on May 2, 2012 it filed an application with The Almaty Specialised Financial Court to initiate the process of a financial restructuring under the laws of Kazakhstan.

BTA Bank launched BTA24 round-the-clock online-division
Dear customers, We are happy to inform you of successful launch of BTA24 round-the-clock online-division – new, more convenient and advanced channel of servicing BTA Bank customers in the Internet, which expands the opportunities of BTA Bank online-services significantly.