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BTA Bank launched BTA24 round-the-clock online-division


Dear customers,

We are happy to inform you of successful launch of BTA24 round-the-clock online-division – new, more convenient and advanced channel of servicing BTA Bank customers in the Internet, which expands the opportunities of BTA Bank online-services significantly.

By implementing BTA24 we tried to take into account all your wishes on improvement of quality of servicing by the existing online-services, and introduced a number of new interactive services. Now when you need help in conducting operations in BTA24 or if urgent question arises, you can use round-the-clock online-consulting of the bank specialists.

If you prefer live telephone conversation to e-mail communication, now you can use phone call order service. After appointing a convenient time you may be sure that our experts will call you back and help you to quickly make use of our proper services.

BTA24 round-the-clock online-division provides great opportunities for making payments to various suppliers of mobile and landline communications, cable television, city utility services, financial organizations and educational institutions. Also here you can pay all kinds of taxes, fines, customs duties, fees and other payments into budget.

If you opened a deposit or received a loan in BTA Bank, BTA24 will help you to specify the amount of your savings or check debt repayment schedule at any time. Here you can also replenish your deposit account from your banking card, transfer funds to your another card or cards of other BTA Bank clients.

All information on your operations in BTA24 online-division is saved in special logbook; if necessary, you can always check your payments and transfers history for a certain period of time.

Online-applications service will help you to minimize the time of visiting bank branches. Now you don’t have to waste your time for visiting the bank and standing in lines in order to open a deposit, receive a loan or execute a card. Instead, you can get information on the terms of banking products, specify the list of necessary documents and file online-application without leaving home via BTA24 online-division.

Upon receiving your application, Call Center operator will call you back in specified time, consult you on any banking product and suggest choosing convenient time and branch for your visit. After that, when going to BTA Bank, be sure: your application was sent to the specified address, and qualified experts are waiting for you at the agreed time. And the main thing is no lines at all!

BTA24 round-the-clock online division can be visited by any person without any registration in the system. Conditions and description of products and services of BTA Bank, round-the-clock online consultations and online-application service can be accessed on a free basis.

In order to get access to financial operations, you need to register in the system. Becoming a client of round-the-clock online-division is simple – if you have already been registered in BTA Network internet-banking system, then you can enter BTA24 with your accounting data (login and password). If you do not have registration in BTA Network, then you can easily register online in BTA24 – to do this, you need to be a holder of BTA Bank payment card and keep the last check received from ATM upon servicing thereof.

By launching BTA24 round-the-clock online-division, we attempted to make managing your own finances as much as simple, convenient and safe; we hope to have succeeded with that. Should you have any suggestions regarding improvement of operation of this service, please send them to info@bta24.kz.

BTA24. The bank is close at hand!