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Listings of BTA Bank’s Notes on The Luxembourg Stock Exchange Suspended


“BTA Bank” JSC (the “Bank”) today announces that the listing of each of the series of its securities on the EuroMTF Market of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange specified below has been suspended. This has occurred because of the Bank's current restructuring process and does not mean that the securities have been delisted.

The securities whose listing has been suspended are: U.S. Dollar Senior Notes, ISIN (Reg S): XS0532988770, ISIN (Rule 144A): XS0532989588; U.S. Dollar Original Issue Discount Notes, ISIN (Reg S): XS0532989828, ISIN (Rule144A): XS0532990164; Euro Original Issue Discount Notes due 2021, ISIN (Reg S): XS0532990248, ISIN (Rule 144A): XS0532990594; U.S. Dollar Subordinated Notes, ISIN (Reg S): XS0532990677, ISIN (Rule 144A): XS0532990750; Euro Subordinated Notes, ISIN (Reg S): XS0532990834, ISIN (Rule 144A): XS0532990917; and U.S. Dollar Recovery Units, ISIN (Reg S): XS0532995049, ISIN (Rule 144A): XS0532996799.