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BTA Bank Requests Disclosure of Security Holdings Information


As part of its current restructuring process, BTA Bank JSC (the “Bank”) is committed to full and open communication with its creditors and shareholders and will seek the highest level of participation from the Bank’s creditors and shareholders at the meetings that will be required to approve the restructuring plan. The Bank has therefore engaged DF King Worldwide to compile a list of holders of the Bank’s GDRs and Recovery Units to assist in the preparation for these meetings and to improve investor communication channels.

The Bank has therefore requested all holders of the following securities to disclose their identities and holdings of those securities to DF King Worldwide.

GDRs - RegS B54DW47 05574Y209 US05574Y2090
GDRs - 144a B68X336 05574Y100 US05574Y1001
Recovery Units due 2020 - RegS B54LBB1 Y0994H12 XS0532995049
Recovery Units due 2020 - 144A B3Q2DM3 05574YAC XS0532996799

Holders have been invited to respond to this request via one of the two options, below:

  1. provide the required information via their custodian bank to the relevant Clearing System (Euroclear or Clearstream, Luxembourg, as applicable) by means of the disclosure event in place by no later than 20 July 2012; or
  2. provide the required information directly to DF King Worldwide, as per the instructions on www.king-worldwide.com/kwwprojects/btabank, or directly to disclosures@king-worldwide.com

The Bank undertakes that all information received will be treated in the strictest confidence and will be used solely for the purposes of the Bank and its advisers. Aggregated anonymous data may be shared on a confidential basis with the creditors’ Steering Committee’s advisors.

Creditor and Shareholder Questions:
DF King Worldwide

Damian Watkin
+44 207 920 6904

Katerina Papamichael
+44 207 920 6910

Note: If you have already disclosed the required information to DF King Worldwide, you need take no further action.