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“Keys to the dream” credit event


Dear customers,

BTA Bank is happy to announce a unique event for its customers: “Keys to your dream”. The event covers all consumer loans and takes the form of an expedite credit procedure. What is an expediting here? During the event BTA customers will be given a unique opportunity to have an advance analysis of the borrower’s financial possibilities. Learn what loan you can afford and get the money quickly.

How it works (mortgage as an example)

Step 1: Visit the nearest BTA branch and find out the loan amount you can get. It will take around 30 minutes. You need to have your ID Card, TIN and a statement from the Savings Pension Fund disclosing status of your pension account during 6 previous months.

Step 2: in 30-days term find a house or apartment you would like to buy.

Step 3: assess an apartment/house with an independent assessor.

Step 4: Provide required documents* and get loan with the Bank in a minimum term and then you will be able to enter into purchase contract for the estate you have chosen.

* to include: documents for the estate to be purchased;
ID Card of the seller;
documents on family status of the estate owner;
estate assessment report.

The equivalent procedure where you can learn the amount you can get for car purchasing during 20-30 minutes and search for the car you need during 30 days.

The following unique terms are provided during the event:

Lending program Mortgage Credit facility Express loan Auto-loan
Loan/facility amount Up to KZT 148,000,000 Up to KZT 3,000,000 до 200 000 USD
Loan maturity Up to 540 months Until pension age Up to 60 months Up to 84 months
Annual effective interest rate from 12,77% from 16,29% from 24,78% from 16,88%
Income statement Not required**
Refinancing of loans with other banks At a beneficiary rate N/A

** obligatory solvency assessment

Take part in “Keys to the dream” event – find out what loan you can afford in BTA Bank JSC!

Event term is limited!

For your convenience kindly use Internet-Banking and our Call Center. Here you will easily submit an online application to execute mortgage, auto-loan, express loan or a credit facility.

After getting your application the Call Center operator will contact you at the time indicated, consult you on any bank product, offer convenient time and branch for your kind visit. Thereafter, going to the Bank you will be sure that your application was addressed to the right addressee and qualified personnel is waiting for you at a set time.

BTA Bank’s loans. Individual approach, quick solution!