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“Save on Express!” credit event


Dear customers,

BTA Bank kindly announces on the launch of a unique “Save on Express” credit event. During the event only you can transfer any current express loan from any other bank to BTA Bank with clear advantage:

  • At a beneficial interest rate
  • Without fees for loan arrangement
  • Without fees for application consideration

Do you need cash over the amount you got initially? There is such possibility under our event! By refinancing loans received from other banks you can:

  • Get an additional express loan amount
  • Without fees for loan arrangement
  • Without fees for application consideration

Refinancing conditions*



Express salary

Express alternative

Standard interest rate**, % p.a.



Interest rate** for Ular Umit SPF and borrowers with a positive credit story, % p.a.


Fee for bank account maintenance (monthly of the loan amount)



Fee for loan arrangement


Fee for application consideration


Maximum loan amount

KZT 3 000 000

Maximum loan term

60 months

* the terms are applied in case a part of/full amount is used to refinance current Borrower’s debt with other bank. Refinancing is carried out by transfer of the funds to the Borrower’s account with the other bank. The rest of the amount will be available for withdrawal.
** annual effective interest rate is from 24,36%

Example of refinancing

Current loan with the other bank

Debt balance KZT 320 000
Term 12 months
Monthly payment KZT 31 000

New loan with BTA Bank

Loan KZT 1 000 000
Term 48 months
Interest rate p.a. 22%
Monthly payment KZT 31 506

Out of the new loan amount KZT 320,000 is paid to the other bank and KZT 680,000 is issued to the Borrower. Herewith monthly payment under the loan is just KZT 506 higher.

Event is limited.

To save your time on loan execution, kindly benefit from Internet-Banking services and our Call-Center. There you can easily submit an online application to execute any loan. As soon as you submit your application the Call-Center’s operator will contact you at the time specified by you and consult on any bank’s product, offer convenient time and branch for your visit. Thereafter, be assured that your application will be addressed to the specified location and qualified specialists of BTA Bank will wait for you at the specified time.

BTA Bank. Comfortable loans!