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Attention: Your CREDO event!


Dear customers,

Ahead of holidays BTA Bank launches Your CREDO event.

If you are a holder of BTA salary card, kindly take part in Your CREDO event from November 20, 2012 to February 20, 2013. Opening the CREDO credit card with the interest rate from 0,01%, will enable you not to limit yourself as to the purchases and merrily enjoy holidays but also get a chance to win one of a number of money prizes from KZT 10,000 to 50,000!

For those who have not get CREDO card yet, this is high time to do it now! You can pay for any goods and services and take cash in ATM from your CREDO card.

Advantages of the CREDO card:

  • Interest rate – from 0,01%
  • First year maintenance fee – free of charge
  • Fee for cash withdrawal – from 3%
  • Minimum documents for application (ID Card, TIN)
  • Convenient repayment schedules (at the customer’s option)
  • The interest is accrued on utilized credit limit only
  • Revocable credit limit (the limit is replenished by monthly transfer from the salary card after which the whole limit amount becomes again available)

Terms of CREDO credit card maintenance

Maximum credit limit KZT 2 000 000
Credit limit term Up to 36 months
Monthly repayment schedule Scheme 1 100% Scheme 2 10% Scheme 3 20% Scheme 4 6% of the credit limit amount, fixed payment
Basic interest rate* 0,01% 25% 21% 26%
Interest rate for UlarUmit SPF depositors and borrowers with a positive credit story 0,01% 23% 19% 24%
Early repayment At any time, full or partial, without penalties

* effective annual interest rate – from 0,01%; in case the cash is withdrawn from ATMs fee for cashing is not accounted in the EAIR.

Loan repayment example

Assuming that credit limit on CREDO card is KZT 100,000, out of which the customer spent KZT 50,000 (current debt) then the customer shall within 50 days from the withdrawal date repay debt as follows:

Repayment scheme No.1 100% of the debt No.2, 10% of the debt No.3, 20% of the debt No.4, fixed monthly payment equal to 6% of the limit
Payment, KZT` 51 500 5 236 10 444 6 000

Repayment scheme is up to the customer. The interest will be accrued for the utilized limit only.

Holding CREDO card is a holiday every day!