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Waste Recycling Complex financed by BTA Bank was opened in Astana


Almaty, December 26, 2012 – Today BTA Bank announced on the opening of household waste recycling enterprise in Astana. Its construction was realized by the funds borrowed from BTA Bank under loan agreement executed with Altyn-TET LLP, the owner of the enterprise.

The amount of financing under this agreement totaled to EUR 36 mln, EUR 33 mln. of which was directed to the investment purposes and remaining EUR 3 mln – to turnover assets.

Household wastes recycling plant was built on the land plot of 5 hectares, located 7 km away from north-west of Astana, near the existing waste dumping range. Enterprise capacity is up to 300 thousand tons of household wastes per year. Commissioning of the plant provided 320 work places.

The project stipulates automated sorting of wastes with further complete utilization. As part of the production cycle, the enterprise also envisages saturating the infrastructure with the original crude for production lines of PET (polyethyleneterephthalate), PE (polyethylene), PET-plates and cellulose insulation.

Waste recycling complex includes waste sorting plant and additional productions on recycling of sorted secondary materials: plant for recycling PET-packing and PE-films into flex materials, plant for recycling PET-flex materials into PET-plates, and cellulose insulation production plant.

Arman Shakenov, Managing Director, Member of the Management Board of BTA Bank commented: “We are very glad that our Bank played a primary role in the course of realization of such a significant infrastructural project. We are sure that the activity of household wastes recycling complex will have a positive effect on both ecological situation in Astana city and its social and economic climate owing to new work places and use of the products of secondary materials in the industrial production”.

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