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BTA Bank reorganizes its Aksay, Termirtau and Kulsary branches into the units of regional branches

13.02.2013 09:35:25

Almaty, February 13, 2013. The Board of Directors of BTA Bank JSC (the Bank) made resolution to reorganize its branches located in Aksay, Termitau and Kulsary into the units of its regional branches.

This resolution was taken under the Program to optimize the Bank’s organizational structure subject to the financial institution’s further development strategy and its enhanced business model.

The above reorganization of the braches into units will not affect the Bank’s work with its customers. The effective operational activities of the Bank in the regions will be held on a usual basis. The customers will still get the whole range of banking services such as credit, deposit, transfer transactions, cash settlement and other banking services. Quality and speed of the services will remain as high as before.