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“Klinika Daru” Rehabilitation Medical Center Construction of Which was Financed by BTA Bank Opened in Aktobe

18.02.2013 17:02:34

Aktobe, February 18, 2013 – Today a new rehabilitation medical center “Klinika Daru” was opened in Aktobe region. The main activities of the center will be diagnostics and treatment of different diseases, medical rehabilitation and after-case therapy for adults and children.

Construction of the center began in spring 2009, total value of the project amounted to KZT 1,645 mln., 45% of which was provided by BTA Bank (the Bank). Loans issued by the Bank were included into “New Business Initiatives Support” first line of Business Road Map - 2020 state program. Under the program the state subsidizes (reimburses) the interest rate for a borrower up to 7% per annum.

It shall be noted that construction of “Daru” medical center is not just a large-scale project for Aktobe region but a unique one for Kazakhstan in general. The center has three main ways of early and after-case rehabilitation: cardio rehabilitation, neurorehabilitation, rehabilitation of patients after traumas and surgery. Currently this is the only medical institution in the country to have all sophisticated equipment enabling to rehabilitate persons after insult attack. Special attention shall be paid to Locomat unique device by Hocoma (Switzerland) for neurorehabilitation. It is a robotized orthopedic device equipped with an electrical drive and used to recover walking skills in combination with the running path with a verticalizer table and integrated step mechanism.

Herewith, high social importance of the project became one of the main factors to take decision on its financing. The main constraint in financing of “Daru” medical center construction was a start-up business character which is always considered as the riskiest in terms of funds recovery.

Ms. Daniya Yespayeva, Director of Aktobe Branch commented: “We assumed this risk only because we were confident in the success of the project, taking into consideration its uniqueness and high demand for medical rehabilitation of people due to the increased level of different diseases. It is no secret that until recently people who needed rehabilitation had to go abroad which is unavailable to most of the people who stayed “outboard”. However, today owing to the opening of “Klinika Daru” medical center highly qualitative rehabilitation services are now available for our people. And we are happy to know that our Bank directly participated in realization of this socially important project”.

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