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BTA Bank offers its depositors new possibilities of remote service

17.04.2013 16:04:24

Dear depositors,

Be kindly informed that starting from April 15, 2013 you may manage your deposits with BTA Bank remotely via round-the-clock online BТА24 service (Internet Banking).

Using BТА24 you can easily observe information on your deposit or current account, create statement on deposit or current account transactions since opening thereof (and if necessary – print it) without necessity to visit a Bank’s branch personally.

To use all these advantages of BTA24 you will need to go through remote registration on www.bta24.kz. You will need information from the receipt of the last debt or credit transaction under your deposit or current account in a BTA branch.

After you open BTA Bank’s payment card you will enjoy more advantages of BTA24 service, to include:

  • Possibility to pay for different services of over 800 providers (mobile and stationary communication, utilities, cable TV, purchase of Air Astana air tickets and many other);
  • BTA Bank card-to-card transfers, from the card to deposit, from deposit/current account to the payment card and repay loans with BTA Bank;
  • View information on all accounts opened with BTA Bank;
  • Connect to SMS-banking;
  • Increase authorization limit of the payment card.

You may also submit application for opening BTA Bank’s payment card on www.bta24.kz.

If you have any questions regarding service in round-the-clock online BТА24 service, kindly contact our Call Center at: 8 (727) 2 500 252 and 7111 (free-of-charge short number for mobile phones). BTA24 user support service works daily from 8:00 a.m. till 12 a.m. (Astana time).