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BTA Bank’s deposits: Independence from exchange rates fluctuations

30.04.2013 17:59:01

Dear customers,

Kindly open a deposit with BTA Bank with unique benefits including deposit currency exchange at beneficial rates within a single contract without losing accrued interest. 

Following your interests and suggestions we increased interest rates and launched a number of new possibilities which will enable you to both keep and increase your savings and also save your time by online deposit managing. 

Today BTA Bank's deposits are: 

Beneficial rates 

Now the rates are up to 9.4% p.a. in KZT, up to 5.6% p.a. in foreign currency. A pleasant addition - your deposit rates are now fixed for 3 currencies during the whole deposit term. 


BTA Bank is one of few banks offering its customers multicurrency deposits. Within such one deposit you can simultaneously hold three accounts in KZT, EUR and USD which is very convenient and protects your money from exchange rates fluctuations by automatic conversion at beneficial rates without losing interest. 

Managing of deposits through Internet 

Now you do not need to visit a bank outlet for partial deposit withdrawals or replenishments. Open deposit with BTA Bank, register in BTA24 online unit (www.bta24.kz) and enjoy multiple possibilities such as card-deposit, and deposit-card transfers at any time of the day as well as payment for different services from any device having Internet access. 

Free-of-charge opening of a payment card 

Each our customer will get Visa or MasterCard international payment card with reduced rate for cash withdrawal which can be used for partial deposit withdrawals or replenishments and payment for goods and services. 

Freedom to withdraw and replenish money 

You can replenish your deposit or make partial withdrawals till irreducible balance without any limitations on the amounts and number of transactions. 

High reliability 

BTA is the first bank participating in the Kazakh system of collective insurance of individuals' deposits.  All deposits opened with BTA Bank regardless of the amount and interest rates are insured by the Kazakh Deposit Insurance Fund. 

Additional privileges 

The customers can execute BTA Platinum Certificate which provides a wide range of bank's services at beneficial rates, premium cards, and personal VIP service. 


You can choose a deposit which will meet your needs to a maximum extent thanks to our diversified deposit range. 


You can find more details on our deposits and execute online application to open a deposit at www.bta.kz/ru/personal/deposites/. Our specialists will contact you and help to choose a suitable deposit, nearest unit and convenient time for your visit.