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Dear customers!

28.06.2013 16:32:40

If you dream of new purchases, but can find necessary funds, go to BTA Bank! With our simple, transparent and favorable terms of express-lending you can easily and simply execute unsecured loan or refinance your express-loan granted by other bank.

Easy to get, simple to return

    Our advantages

  Rates are reduced by 6%
    No hidden charges, insurance or pledge
    Refinancing on preferential terms

* SEIR – from 21.77%

How does refinancing work

To understand the advantage of loan refinancing, let us consider two examples.

Example 1 (standard refinancing)

Let’s assume that you executed consumer loan in another bank for the amount of KZT 1 mln. for 1 year. The amount of your monthly payment is KZT 97,157. If you refinance your loan at BTA Bank, your monthly payment will comprise KZT 90,731. That is you save KZT 77,112 during the year.

Example 2 (refinancing with additional take)

For example, you executed consumer loan in another bank for the amount of KZT 1 mln., but you still need another KZT 500 th. BTA Bank is ready to make refinancing with additional take. You would execute new express-loan, say, for 2 years, but this time on rather favorable terms, and your monthly payment will comprise 75,613.

Express-loans of BTA: easy to get, simple to return!