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11.07.2013 15:39:06

Visa Kupon program is the possibility to get up to 70% discounts at payment of goods and services for you and your relatives.

The list of the program participants is constantly extended. Visit www.visakupon.kz   offer catalogue and you will be surprised as far as there are the best goods from famous brands, the most popular services in your city. Now you can pay for them with a good discount owing to VISA by BTA Bank.

Three easy steps to get a discount: 

Step 1: register on www.visakupon.kz;

Step 2: select goods or services and print out a free-of-charge coupon; 

Step 3: provide coupon to the teller and pay your goods or services with Visa card

The main difference of Visa Kupon from the like programs is free-of-charge coupons. 

All you need is to be a holder of VISA card and visit www.visakupon.kz from time to time, find the coupon and pay for goods and services with a discount. 


Take part in Visa Kupon program and save your money when paying for goods and services.

Now it is not just easy, convenient and secure to pay with Visa but also advantageous. 


Detailed information on discounts and special offers as well as frequently asked questions may be viewed on www.visakupon.kz