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A new function in BTA24 Online Unit: possibility to independently convert money to any deposit currency

08.10.2013 17:41:26

Dear depositors,

Enjoy our good news: if you have a multicurrency deposit with BTA Bank, now you do not need to waste your time visiting branches to convert your savings to any deposit currency. With a new function in BTA24 (Internet Banking) now you can online convert your funds to any currency of the deposit through your PC, tablet or mobile phone. 

Terms of cashless conversion through BTA24    

  1. You can convert your funds within a multicurrency deposit through BTA24 on any business day from 10:00 a.m. till 17:00 (Astana time). On days-off and holidays and days when valuation for certain currency is not available, conversion will not be made. 
  2. You can convert funds within a multicurrency deposit with BTA Bank between accounts of one customer only.   
  3. Converted amount shall be kept in the account for at least 30 dates since the conversion date. If you draw the amount before the above period the Bank will charge commission fee as per the rates effective as of the partial withdrawal date. Such commission fee will be charged on the amount to be paid to the depositor and subject to the type of currency is: 
    • 1% for KZT;
    • 1.1% for foreign currency.
  4. The last conversion shall be made at least 30 days prior to expiration of the deposit contract. 
  5. Minimum conversion amount is KZT 150,000 or USD/EUR 1,000.
  6. Maximum amount of conversion is no more than - KZT 750,000 per transaction and no more than KZT 3 mln. (currency equivalent) per month.