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On entering into a related party transaction

12.12.2013 00:00:00

Hereby BTA Bank JSC notifies that on November 29, 2013, the Board of Directors of the Bank took resolution to enter into related party transaction: 

Information on entering into related party transaction by the joint-stock company:

1) Date of taking resolution on the transaction by the Board of Directors – November 29, 2013;

2) Value of the transaction subject - n/a;

3) Date of the latest valuation of the transaction subject – n/a;

4) Percentage ratio of value of transaction subject to the total value of assets of this joint-stock company – n/a;

5) Main terms of the transaction: 

- transaction subject – placement of funds as bank deposit;

- product name – “Kaznachey” Account; 

- condition of product – daily withdrawal of balance from current tenge account of the Customer by the Bank and return of funds with accrued interest on the following business day;

- transaction period – one year;

- interest rate – average weighted repo rate with one day maturity, occurred on the day of placement of funds at Kazakhstan Stock Exchange in auto-repo sector multiplied by the ratio set by the Bank’s Treasury office;

6) Date of the transaction – December 9, 2013.