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BTA provides a new deposit «Obrazovatelnyi»

20.12.2013 10:18:00

Deposit line of BTA Bank is now supplemented with a new «Obrazovatelnyi» term deposit. The Bank is the participant of the State Educational Savings System; a new deposit with special favorable conditions has been developed under this program, intended to accumulate funds to pay for education in Kazakhstan or foreign institutions. BTA was the first among the domestic second-tier banks to introduce automated data validation process when opening deposit.

New deposit is characterized by high yield - up to 15.3% p.a. *

Advantages of «Obrazovatelnyi» deposit

  •   High interest rate on deposit - up to 8.3%.
  •   Annual state premium up to 7%.
  •   Monthly capitalization of accrued interest.
  •   Additional contributions - no limit.
  •   Fixed interest rate for the entire term of a deposit.
  •   Opportunity to replenish deposit without direct applying to the bank: through Cash & Pay terminal, via internet banking, by money transfer from payment card or current account under «Standing Order» service
  •   Wide network of bank branches located in almost every village of the country.

Effective annual interest rate depending on the term deposit:

Term of the deposit




Annual interest rate



 Deposit for education is an investment for the future!