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Prolongation term of redemption of the “BTA Bank” JSC ordinary shares by request of shareholder

27.01.2015 14:28:24

«BTA Bank» Joint Stock Company (further - Bank or BTA) informs about decision made by Board of Bank Directors over prolongation term of redemption of Bank ordinary shares by request of shareholder dd. February 27th 2015 included.  If You have any questions or in case of necessity of additional information or documents, please, feel free to contact  with Corporate Secretary Pitulova Olga: +7 (727) 266-72-54, +7 (727) 26-72-69; e-mail: sdugashev@bta.kz, opitulova@bta.kz, accordingly, or post@bta.kz.  Holders of Global Depository Receipts of “BTA Bank” JSC will click the following link