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BTA Bank's Southern Branches Integration with Kazkommertsbank's Technological Platform Was Successfully Completed

13.02.2015 14:54:50

Almaty, 10 February 2015 - Today, BTA Bank and Kazkommertsbank have reported about the successfully completed the Southern Kazakhstan BTA Bank's branch hardware-software complex integration with the Kazkommertsbank's technological platform.

This branch has become the third BTA Bank's regional division which has been transferred to the Kazkommertsbank's software according to the two financial institutions' planned integration. The earlier similar events have been successfully completed in Zhambylski and Kyzylordinski BTA branches. Thus, the BTA's and Kazkom's branches which work in the Kazakhstani southern areas have been almost completely integrated with each other.

Nina Zhusupova, the Kazkommertsbank's Board Chairman commented on the integration intermediate results, as follows:

«Everybody who watches process of  BTA's and Kazkom's integration can have the question as follows: what is the purpose of the two banks' merging? This process is   gradual, i.e. branch after branch, unlike the simultaneous cross-country process. However, clients' comfort and uninterrupted bank services are the highest priorities for us, and we, repeatedly, emphasised this. Therefore, after having studied the international experience as part of large banks' technological merging we have chosen the difficult and at the same time the most comfortable for clients option».

Magzhan Auezov, Chairman of the BTA Bank's board:

«Our team of experts, carefully, plans all integration actions concerning each branch and while considering the accumulated experience of integration, regional specifics and clients' interests. Such large-scale preparatory work is the transitory, fast and imperceptible for clients transfer to the Kazkom's bank programs. This transition would allow us to rely on final association of two banks which we plan to finish during the first half of 2015».

As it was reported earlier, the Kazkom's and BTA's current operating activities, despite complexity of their integration process should be of their usual mode, all complex of bank services, such as credit, depositary, translated operations, settlement and cash service and other bank services are still available to clients. The quality of rendered services and their speed are of a former level.

Despite, the BTA's and Kazkommertsbank's stage-by-stage technical integration, the BTA Bank's client service has not changed, its clients continue to be served in the same offices, as earlier. Merging of branch networks will occur roughly during the 2015 first half. Thus, the BTA Bank's clients should not renew the earlier signed contracts and change account numbers and other bank requisites.


Larisa Kokovinets, Kazkommertsbank Public Relations Division
Tel.: +7 (727) 2 585-456, 2 585-392, E-mail: pr@kkb.kz

Ilya Borovoy, Communications Service of BTA Bank
Tel. +7 (727) 266 43 22 (ext. 4322), E-mail: iborovoy@bta.kz

Aliyah Nursipatova, Investor Communications Division of Kazkommertsbank
Tel.: + 7 (727) 2 585-125, E-mail: investor_relations@kkb.kz