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BTA Bank JSC Reports on Board of Directors Changes

31.03.2015 17:00:02

On 31 March 2015, Almaty - the Chairman of BTA Bank JSC's board of directors early resigned according to his own initiative, in connection with transfer to other work in parental bank

Magzhan Auezov, who held a position of board of directors chairman informed on early termination of the powers and withdrawal from BTA Bank JSC's board of directors since 30 March 2015, which was due to an own initiative and transfer to another parental bank appointment.

Since 31 March 2015 Askarbek Nabiyev has been appointed as acting BTA Bank JSC board of directors chairman.

Mr. Nabiyev is the 1996 graduate with honours of Kazakh State Academy of Management (Almaty city) in a finance and credit specialty, he was conferred an economist qualification. In 1997 he came to Kazkommertsbank JSC (Almaty), in which he worked consistently as economist of local risk department, head of analysis and forecasting department, chief specialist of analysis and forecasting sector, head of financial analysis department. In 2002-2007 he worked at a position of the director of financial control department of Kazkommertsbank JSC. Since 2007 he has been nominated as the managing director and board of directors member of Kazkommertsbank JSC, he supervises the bank financial block.

In 2014 Mr. A.R. Nabiyev has been elected the BTA Bank JSC board of directors member, he supervises the bank financial block. The work in BTA Bank is combined.

The other bank board of directors structure has remained unchanged.